Sports Betting With Book to Book

Sports Betting With Book to Book
  • Convenient process
  • Allows for flexible deposits
  • Easy

Betting Sites That Use Book to Book

While book-to-book transfers used to work in the past, there are currently no sportsbooks that do support this method of payment. Nevertheless, with the convenience that inter-book transfer offers, there is always a chance that they might re-emerge in the near future, so keep looking out for them if this has been your preferred payment method.

For sports bettors, it is not uncommon to invest money in more than one sportsbook as this gives the bettor a wider range of choices on where to place a wager. While no online betting site currently supports this method of payment, in the past, book-to-book transfer used to be an effective way of making deposits.

As the name suggests, inter-book transfer is essentially a payment method where the bettor can transfer money from one sportsbook account to another. To complete a transfer, all that a bettor needs to do is contact the support unit of the betting site. This gives the bettor has more flexibility when it comes to allocating deposits for two or more sportsbook accounts.

How To Deposit With Book to Book

Although no betting site currently services inter-book transfers, the process involved is essentially just like any other form of transfer payment. Of course, in order to transfer between sportsbooks, it is necessary to first have accounts in two or more betting sites that do work with book-to-took transfers. From there, all it takes to make a transfer is to contact the support staff of the betting site and they will complete it for you. If you are unsure about whether a transfer is possible or not, support can always answer your questions for you. Note that there may be restrictions on the amount transferrable. Inter-book transfers may require up to several days to process.