It has now been three years since the Chicago Bears were strong NFL betting plays. Last season, though, was particuarly stuff to stomach. The Bears won just six games, finished last in the NFC North and hovered around the bottom 10 of both points scored and points allowed per game. Worse still, things aren’t looking up in the Windy City. The Bears didn’t do anything to substantially improve the roster. They didn’t sign any big-time free agents and lost running back Matt Forte to the New York Jets. [+]

Chicago did, however, retain star wideout Alshon Jeffery and tight end Zach Miller. If everyone’s healthy, including quarterback Jay Cutler, they should be able to piece together an above-average offense.

But the defense won’t be getting better, and the Bears play in a top heavy NFC North division that will see them cede control to the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings.

This leaves them firmly in the single game circle. They are not strong futures candidates—not even on the win totals front. And they most certainly aren’t a team in which you should invest any conference or Super Bowl bets.

Best Chicago Bears Betting Lines

Check out the best Chicago Bears betting lines below. Our tool displays the most favorable odds available, which allows you to focus more on, you know, actually betting. [+]

Just be sure to revisit this page every once in a while before placing your wager. NFL game lines are notorious for moving after their initial release.

There are days in between them going live and the actual games, making them uniquely susceptiple to a wide variety of mitigating factors—things like player injuries, player returns and heavy action at the sportsbooks that’s slanted to one team or a particular bet.

Whatever the change, you can rest easy knowing you’ll find it here. This has the latest, most accurate information and safeguards you against any unwelcome surprises at the sportsbooks.

NFL - Regular Season Week 12
Monday, Nov 27, 202308:15 PM
Chicago Bears@Minnesota Vikings
NFL - Regular Season Week 14
Sunday, Dec 10, 202301:00 PM
Detroit Lions@Chicago Bears
NFL - Regular Season Week 15
Saturday, Dec 16, 202307:00 PM
Chicago Bears@Cleveland Browns
Last update on Dec 2, 2023 02:45 PM

Chicago Bears Regular Season Schedule

The Chicago Bears’ entire regular season schedule can be found directly below. Anyone trying to adequately prepare for bets on or against this team should make a habit out of studying it. [+]

Scroll ahead in the schedule to take a look at the Bears’ forthcoming games. You won’t have published game odds off which to work, but you don’t need them. Study the rosters. The play styles. Injury reports. Records. Compare each team by position. See which side has the edge in what area.

By doing this, you’ll be super prepared once the game lines go live, at which time you’ll have no problem making a swift, and most likely accurate, bet at the sportsbooks.

Try looking at the scores of past games, too. They can help you map out blueprints by revealing where the Bears struggle and thrive most.

For instance, how do they fare against NFL teams above .500? What about below .500? Do they cover the spread at home on a regular basis? Can you say the same when they’re on the road? Have they been solid over plays for the entire year? What is their record against strong offensve teams? What about when facing stingy defensive factions?

Keep track of these results, and there won’t be a future Bears game that you aren’t ready to make money off.

Results / FixturesChicago Bears

What Are The Chicago Bears Standings

These are the Chicago Bears’ standings right now. Keep tabs on where they sit relative to their division, the NFC and the rest of the NFL, and you’ll be good to go on the futures front. [+]

If the Bears’ record doesn’t stand up to, say, the Minnesota Vikings or Green Bay Packers, you know they aren’t division plays. And if they aren’t divison plays, you’ll know by extension they aren’t anything else (conference championship bets, Super Bowl wagers, etc.).

If their record does hold up against division rivals, you’ll have the justification to reconsider your stance. If you then see the Bears are keeping pace with established powerhouses, like the Seattle Seahawks, you’ll be free to research their conference and Super Bowl odds.

StandingsChicago Bears

How To Win Chicago Bears Bets

Over plays remain the smartest bets for the Chicago Bears leading into the 2016 season.

No, their offense isn't especially good. It ranked 23rd in points scored per game for 2015, and Jay Cutler's touchdown percentage was as low as it's been since 2011. That's a problem.

But the Bears weren't working with a terribly healthy offense last year. Alshon Jeffery, their No. 1 receiver, battled injuries and recently departed running back Matt Forte has never been a posterboard for durability while in Chicago.

Cutler had little to no weapons at his disposal. And yet, his completion percentage (64.4) wasn't terrible. He cut down on his interceptions as well. Now, with a couple more healthy weapons around him, including Jeremy Langford in the backfield, Cutler is poised to lead the Bears toward offensive mediocrity.

This is a good thing—for sportsbettors, not fans. The Bears should still be pretty underwhelming as a team overall. But when you pair an average offense with a defense that, quite frankly, is unfit for the NFL, you're going to get some ridiculous scores.

Take this with the caveat that the Bears are pretty much a wild card on both sides of the ball. If you want to monitor their early season trends to see if these over plays pan out consistently enough, be our guest. But if you're looking to work the sportbooks out of the gate, trend toward the over—unless, of course, the Bears are squaring off against a top-five defensive team, such as the division rival Minnesota Vikings.

Aside from using the Chicago Bears as single game over candidates, look to capitalize on some of their individual futures. 

By this, we mean player props, not overall team performance bets: Alshon Jeffery receptions and touchdowns, Jay Cutler passing yards and touchdowns, Jeremy Langford rushing yards and touchdowns, etc.

Wagering on the under in most of these categories is the smartest appraoch. Though the Bears figure to have an above average offense this year, they are a group that's predicated on success by committee.

Cutler will be spreading the ball around on offense, so there is little reason to think Jeffery will clear his reception or touchdown totals. Likewise, Langword will be splitting backfield duties with three other guys. He won't be racking up as many carries, rushing yards or touchdowns as you might think.

It might be tempting to bet the over on everything Cutler related, but you'll need to resist that urge.

Yes, he oftentimes looks like one of the best quarterbacks in football. But he is infamously inconsistent. He is just as likely to through 25 interceptions over the course of the season as he is to throw 30-plus touchdowns. It's always best to steer clear of someone like that.

Beyond that, milk the over for the entire team. That cannot be stressed enough—especially when the Bears face off against good offenses with cruddy defenses (Indianapolis Colts). Matchups like that present a unique opportunity for the bettor. Be sure to exploit them.

Most of all, don't treat the Bears as something they are not. Stick to this advice without dabbling in profound futures. Betting their NFC or Super Bowls odds is a good way to get burned.