Finishing with a record of 68-94, the Brewers were on the losing end of a loaded National League Central division that featured three playoff teams. Having to contend with three teams that nearly finished with 100 wins each is not an easy task to overcome so Milwaukee finished 2015 with another losing season. In their quest to reach the playoffs for the first time since 2011, the Brew Crew didn’t make any notably large acquisitions in the offseason which might make for another long season in Milwaukee. [+]

In fact, they lost two of their best hitters from last year in Adam Lind and Khris Davis. Though the Brewers do return former MVP Ryan Braun, they still will have to find some new faces to plug in for 2016.


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One of the players that will look to take the load off of Ryan Braun is infielder newcomer Aaron Hill. The 34-year old Hill was a All-Star with the Blue Jays last in 2009 and a solid player for the Diamondbacks. He has already made an impact for the Brewers by hitting for three home runs during a single game in May, including the go-ahead grand slam in the tenth inning.

Catcher Jonathan Lucroy is emerging as the new face of the organization with Brain aging away from his prime. The native of Eustis, Florida, Lucroy was an All-Star in 2014 and also the NL doubles champion that year. He will look to rebound from a so-so 2015 where he only played 103 games. 

As far as the Brewers pitching rotation goes, the team returns the top three pitchers from last year in Jimmy Nelson, Mtt Garza and Taylor Jungmann. Though Milwaukee has a solid amount of returners, this might not bode well as Jungmann was the only Milwaukee starter that had a winning record in 2015 at 9-8. The pitcher with the most wins also struggled at times by notching a record of 11-13 with a 4.11 ERA.

Indeed this season is shaping up to be another tough season for the Brew Crew faithful in Wisconsin unless some vital questions are answered. 

Similiar to the Cincinnati Reds, 2015 was not very kind to the Brewers. Though Milwaukee finished with winning records against the Phillies (7-0), the Pirates (10-9), Reds (10-9) and Padres (5-2), they were largely outclassed by the rest of the league. The Brewers were crushed by the Cardinals and Cubs, which is to be assumed and that shouldn't change much in 2016 given the upgrades made by both teams.

Milwaukee is probably not the best bet to make a playoff run for 2016 or next year unless there are some major upgrades made, but there might be some moves for the Brewers to be a solid bet. Starting with the teams listed above, the Brewers could pull off some upsets but don't expect it often.

The Brewers have started 2016 where they finished 2015. Milwaukee went 8-15 to start the season, but May has been a little kinder to the squad. With all that being said though, the Brewers should probably be avoided unless there are some major odds stacked against Milwaukee that could be exploited. 

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