Sports Betting With Ecocard

Sports Betting With Ecocard
  • Efficient
  • Highly secure
  • Can be used as a MasterCard

Betting Sites That Use EcoCard

EcoCard is serviceable by sports betting sites such as Sports Interaction, Bet DSI, and Bookmaker Sports Betting. [+]

If one of these happens to be your favourite site, then depositing money is only a few clicks away. Have a look and see if one of these bookmakers tickles your fancy. 

No sportsbooks is available for those criterias.

EcoCard is a very widely used deposit method for sports betting and other forms of online wagering, like casinos and poker rooms. Unlike other methods of payment such as credit or debit card, EcoCard does not require you to input your personal banking information when you make transactions, which enhances your personal security. It has gained popularity in the past few years, and for good reason.  [+]

The EcoCard essentially functions like the “middle step” between your bank and the betting site, since money that you deposit for the site is money that you had initially transferred from your bank to the EcoCard. For betting sites where EcoCard is accepted, such as Bet DSI or Bookmaker Sports Betting, it takes very little effort to make a deposit. What’s more? The EcoCard itself can also function as a MasterCard!

How To Deposit With EcoCard

To deposit using EcoCard, the first step is to have a card. If you do not already have one, getting one is a simple and free process.. All that you need to do is sign up on the EcoCard website: Funding for the EcoCard is made via electronic fund transfers from a bank or credit card account of your choice. Once you have an account, simply click "Deposit" on the sports room and from there, you can automatically link your EcoCard. Winnings are also directly transferrable back to your EcoCard through the withdraw function.