How To Bet On Philadelphia 76ers

These are dark times for the Philadelphia 76ers. They are a terrible basketball team, mostly on purpose, and yet they appear to be changing directions. Jerry Colangelo was installed as a franchise point man ahead of Sam Hinkie, the mastermind behind the Sixers’ tank job, and it now seems as if Philly is committed to drumming up its win total rather than biding time and hoping to luck into transcendent players. That, quite obviously, makes for difficult betting. [+]

It’s almost a given that the Sixers will lose every game. But the spreads are absurd, while you have to bet far too much cash on moneylines to see a sizable return. Some sportsbooks won’t even let you throw down bets on the moneyline. It only hurts them, irrespective of whether the Sixers win or lose, because of how ridiculous the odds are.

Still, there is money to be made here if you’re knowledgable enough. And that’s where we come in.

Philadelphia 76ers Next Game

Feel free to check out the Sixers’ next opponent as much as you’d like. The more the better. Isolating their next matchup allows you to give your pre-betting approach some much-needed direction.

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Philadelphia 76ers Regular Season Schedule

Tackling the Sixers’ regular-season schedule can be a bit daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. This is one of the easier teams to keep track of, because they’ll rarely be favored in any game. [+]

And that means you’re covering less bases in your research. Mostly, you’re just looking at all their opponents and deciding which teams will be favored by the most points. And from there, you just have to wonder how many points is too many points. The offical lines will inevitably come out and you’ll be well on your way to knowing which direction—in Philly’s or another—you’re backing.

Results / FixturesPhiladelphia 76ers

Philadelphia 76ers Standings

Presusing the Sixers’ place in the Eastern Conference standings serves only one puprose these days, and it’s an important one – prop bets. And it’s fun, too.  [+]

Prop bettors who like to gamble on the NBA lottery’s pingpong balls need to know the Sixers’ odds of landing the No. 1 pick. The worse their record, the better their chance of winning the NBA’s lottery.

Over the last few years, no team has notched a worse record than the Sixers, and that trend is poised to continue. But it’s still worthwhile to circle back and make sure their hold on the league’s bottom-most record is secure. There are plenty of other really bad teams nipping at their heels, including the Phoenix Suns, Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets, the latter of whom owes their first-round pick to the Boston Celtics.

Now that Okafor is no longer a factor, you’ll want to journey back here often, just to confirm that the Sixers aren’t in danger of ruining any futures bets (lottery, win totals, etc.) you’ve made or plan on making.

StandingsPhiladelphia 76ers

The Key to Betting On or Against the Sixers

Until the Sixers start playing like a real NBA team for a long period of time, there’s no reason for you to bet on or against them outside of individual regular-season games.

It’s too risky to sink money into win totals. They’re always liable to, somehow, be worse than the season before, but they’re also bad enough to the point they might have nowhere to go but up. And as for championship and conference odds, forget them. They aren’t worth your money. Not even a little bit of it.

Sportsbooks will dole out crazy enticing odds over the offseason and at the beginning of the basketball calendar, but there is no conceivable scenario in which the Sixers make a postseason push, let alone a title or conference or even divisional push, in the near future.

Stay on that game-by-game grind for now. It’s your best shot at using the Sixers’ failures to make some real money.