Leading the Chicago Cubs 3-1 in the 2016 World Series, it looked as if one of the longest championship droughts in sports history would be coming to an end, and one certainly did. Of course, much to the chagrin of the Indians and their fans, it wasn’t their drought that toppled but that of the Cubs, who rallied for a seven-game verdict to take their first World Series since 1908. Rubbing salt in the wound, the Cubs win left the Indians, without a World Series title since 1948, as the team with the longest active title drought. [+]

But the Indians revved up to get right back at it, signing the top available free agent bat in Edwin Encarnacion.

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Cleveland Indians betting tips

The addition of slugger Edwin Encarnacion, who clubbed 42 homers in 2016 and has drove 193 balls out of the park since 2012, not only boosts his spot in the batting order, it ensures that everyone in the order around Encarnacion can expect to see better pitches to hit. 

The last thing the opposition pitcher is going to want to do is issue free passes to players coming to the plate immediately prior to the long-ball prowess of Encarnacion. So those batters are going to see lots of strikes.

Cleveland Owns Baseball's Best Bullpen

When the Indians acquired Andrew Miller last season, it made what already was in the argument as the best bullpen in baseball a sure bet for that recognition. This is an elite crew. During the postseason alone, Miller struck out 30 hitters in 19 1/3 innings. 

Cody Allen is one of baseball's most efficient closers, and along with Miller, the Tribe have Bryan Shaw, Dan Otero and situational lefty Boone Logan to get the game to the ninth inning.

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