Crowned as the hottest team of the 2014 offseason, the Padres came into the 2015 season with high expectations and a better chance to win the NL West. With new high-profile All-Star names in tow like outfielders Matt Kemp and Justin Upton, to pitchers James Shields and Craig Kimbrel, the Padres were primed for a surprise run to the top of the division. However, this was not to be as the Friars were unable to find a consistent rhythm for their team during the year. [+]

San Diego had no true centerfielder and each player above, other than Upton, struggled in their own way in 619. Shields did not regain his form from his prior stint with the Royals and Kemp had an up-and-down year trying to regain his MVP from the Dodgers. With all these inconsistencies, the Padres finished 74-88 and longitme manager Bud Black was let go midseason.


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Entering 2016, San Diego had to let some of its talent go and look ahead to the future. With big-time contracts looming from Kimbrel and the 2015 All-Star Upton, San Diego had to cut loose some of its big-time investment haul by letting Upton walk in free agency and trading Kimbrel.

General Manager A.J. Preller has made a larger commitment to building up the free agent system in the coming years after his missed opportunity in swinging for the fences in 2015. Even though San Diego lost their best player last year in Upton, the Padres still return a handful of solid bats and pitchers in 2016.

Catcher Derek Norris, Kemp and new addition Alexei Ramirez have given some hope that the Pads can play some competitive games with the Giants and Dodgers down the

In 2015, the Padres finished 23 games outside of the first wild card race. However, the Padres have some returning, and prductive, players from 2015. Kemp led the team with 100 RBIs and third baseman Yangervis Solarte was third on the team with 63 RBIs. While losing Upton, who was the team leader in both home runs and runs scored, will hurt San Diego, it might not be all bad news for the Friars. Outfielder Wil Myers is still only 24-years old and catcher Derek Norris has been a stabilizing force behind the plate.

Nonetheless, the Padres still have a steep hole to climb out of thanks to their dead cap space and also the tough task of knocking off the Giants and Dodgers. 

One potential saving grace for the Padres this season could be their pitching staff. San Diego has a solid number one in Shields, who went 13-7 in 2015 but had a mediocre ERA in 3.91. While Shields was a brigh spot for the Padres, the rest of the staff struggled throughout the season.

Tyson Ross (10-12), Andrew Cashner (6-16) and Ian Kennedy (9-15) all suffered through various hiccups throughout the season. However, many within in the organization and around the league believe that Ross and Cashner can rebound in 2016 thanks to their great command and pitching array. Losing Kimbrel will sting though in late-game situations even though he has struggled thus far in 2016. 

San Diego has come off a similiarly rocky start in 2016 season by finishing April with a 9-15 record. The Padres could be an interesting option with the odds stacked against them at home, but don't peg San Diego to make a run with the Giants, Dodgers and Diamondbacks all making upgrades. 

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