How To Bet On Formula 1

Formula One, or F1, as it is also commonly known, has been in existence since 1950 and is viewed as the world’s most prominent auto racing series. Races are contested at tracks spanning the globe and by drivers from all corners of the world. The stars of F1 are not merely great drivers, they are also jet-setting international celebrities, among some of the most famous people in the world. 

Betting on Formula One: Know The Contenders


Betting on Formula One racing is somewhat easier than many sports, because parity is not a quality that has found its way into F1. Generally, no more than a half-dozen drivers will carry a legitimate shot of winning into any race, and to be entirely truthful, that’s probably a generous and optimistic estimate.

During the 2017 F1 season, Britain’s Lewis Hamilton dominated the circuit, winning nine of the 20 races to take the title. Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas won three races, giving them the constructors championship as well. Ferrari’s Sebastien Vettel (five wins), and Red Bull’s Max Verstappen (two) and Daniel Ricciardo (one) were the only others to capture a race, meaning just five drivers and three teams saw checkered flags all season long.

So, while the high odds on other drivers might seem attractive, it’s essential to realize that in F1, longshots are fool’s gold. Wager on them and all you will be doing is making a donation to the sportsbook. On the flip side, being able to narrow the field down so significantly before the race even starts offers you a wonderful opportunity to cash a winning ticket.

Formula One Betting Tips

By instantly recognizing who is on the short list of drivers with a realistic chance to win, you’ve already taken a huge step toward becoming a successful Formula One bettor. Let’s look some other helpful hints that can drive you toward that winning wager.

For starters, pay attention to which driver is starting with the pole position. In most forms of auto racing, being on the pole is not that significant, but in F1, more than not, due to the limited passing opportunities available at many of the F1 Grand Prix circuits, it can translate into victory. In 2017, more than half of the pole sitters – 11 of 20 – were also race winners.

Another factor to keep in mind – there is an assigned pecking order on F1 teams. Teammates in IndyCar and NASCAR stop being teammates once the green flag flies. That usually isn’t the case in F1. There is an A and a B driver on each team and drivers are under what is known on the circuit as team orders. The B driver is to let the A driver pass him to win a race, and a B driver is never to pass the A driver for a race win, even if he is at the wheel of the superior car on that given day. This especially holds true if the A driver is in the hunt for the world title. That’s why it’s vital to know who the Alpha Dog is on all of the top F1 teams before you bet on the race.


Types Of Formula One Bets

Along with the atypical straight win bet, there are a variety of wagers in play at anytime when it comes to Formula One racing. Betting on who will end up as the fastest qualifier is an option offered prior to every race, and much like the race, the list of contenders is generally a short one. In 2017, for example, pole positions for the 20 races were shared among four drivers – Hamilton. Vettel, Bottas and Kimi Raikkonen.

There also a wealth of prop bets on offer each race week. You can wager on the nationality of the winning driver, and on which driver will be the first to retire from the race. There are exotic wagers offered on the odds of each driver finishing in the top six for a particular race and thus gaining points in the world championship standings. There are bets on the board as to which driver will turn the fastest lap during a race, and often sportsbooks will put forth a prop asking you to speculate on an exact finish of a particular driver in a particular race.

You will also discover a number of future bets on F1 racing, including which driver will win the points title and which team will garner the constructors championship. As the season progresses and clear favorites emerge, some sportsbooks will put forth an either/or wager pitting the current leader against the field.  

Where To Bet On Formula One R

While the popularity of F1 racing is gaining in leaps and bounds in North America, it still pales in comparison to NASCAR and the big-league big four – NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL – as well as to how massive a following the sport has in Europe and many other parts of the world.

That’s why you might find that the wagering opportunities on F1 at sportsbooks that cater to those who bet mostly on North American sports are somewhat thin compared to what’s on offer at some of the leading British sportsbooks.

As always, it’s wise to shop around to a variety of sportsbooks before placing an F1 wager.