Now is the perfect time to get in on NBA Western Conference betting. There is an established pecking order, which simplifies the process of placing wagers. The West is top-heavy, with a few really good teams, such as the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs, that are immensely better than the field. Neither the West’s basement nor its middle-rung teams stand consistent chances against the conference’s alphas, and with a little research, you should be able to forge some highly productive betting patterns. [+]

It’s never a bad idea to peruse the futures section of the West. There are always at least four teams guaranteed to be really good. As always, remain skeptical of championship odds. Those are more enticing plays during the middle of the season. They usually improve at some point, even for really good teams, so you could be selling your wallet short by investing in contenders, even formalities like the Spurs and Warriors, too early.

Predicting the over and under on win totals is the route to traverse. You can usually have a pretty good idea of which teams will have the most and least amount victories after free agency. Try to jump on these odds before the regular season tips off, as they will be more tailored to game outcomes, typically meaning you’re less likely to find a standout bet.

Best NBA Western Conference Betting Lines

Remain in the loop by religiously following the West’s betting lines that are shown below. The top providers, like Bovada and TopBet, will update them as soon as any of the odds move.

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What Are The NBA Western Conference standings

The below NBA Western Conference standings are your friend. At this point in time, the West’s records are great indicators of which teams are succeeding and which squads you should avoid altogether. [+]

The dearth of conference rivalries also allows you to place more stock in these win-loss standings, which in turn makes for a much more rewarding betting experience.


Pay attention to potential dynasties out west. The conference's best teams are, for the most part, head and shoulders above everyone else, be they bottoming-out organizations, mediocre factions or even fringe contenders. Don't bank on other teams beating those teams, outperforming them in the win column or, most importantly, advancing past them in the NBA playoffs.

Yes, it can be useful to take chances when looking at the futures section. Long-shot odds are, at times, a bettor's best friend. But long-term success stories, such as those in Golden State and the Miami Heat, will shape the West's betting outlook for years to come. Plan your big-picture dice rolls around their reigns.

In all honesty, when it comes to the West, it's probably best to, right now, stick with daily game and prop bets. There is more flexibility on those fronts, because the "Any Given Sunday" rule applies.

As for overall conference and championship odds, direct all your large-sum investments in the direction of the best of the best, be it the Warriors, Spurs, Thunder or even Los Angeles Clippers, and no one else—at least not right now.