The Chicago Bulls are one of the NBA’s most storied franchises. The memory of those Michael Jordan-led squads is still fresh in the minds of fans, and the city of Chicago has not, after all these years, lost any of its basketball mystique. But the most recent version of these Bulls is different. The team isn’t the same. The goals aren’t the same. The Bulls aren’t irrelevant, but they’re stuck in the middle, trying to balance rebuilding with competing as they labor through scads of injuries. That makes them an interesting, if difficult team, on which to bet. [+]

This does not imply you shouldn’t bet on them. Trends emerge with this team each and every season, whether it’s an injury-ravaged bunch that peserveres or an inconsistent faction that underachieves. The Bulls never fail to forge an identity, even when it’s a bad one. And so long as you’re paying attention, you’ll be able to unearth valuable tendencies that substantially deepen your pockets.

Chicago Bulls Next Game

Part and parcel of betting on any team is paying close attention to its schedule. Imminent games matter the most, and it’s here that you’ll find the Bulls’ next opponent. [+]

It will enable you to do any pertinent research before placing what you hope will be the winning wager.

My Team's Next MatchChicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls Regular Season Schedule

While it’s the most imminent games that carry more weight than any other contests, being mindful of what awaits the Bulls on the road ahead is crucial. [+]

Check out their entire schedule as time allows and try to craft certain bets in advance. These angles can change as the game moves closer, but they’re a good baseline to follow. The ealrier you do your research, the easier you’ll be able to make an informed decision on game night, irrespective of what curveballs you’re thrown. 

Pay extra attention to what type of opponets they have on the horizon. If the Bulls are playing weak and slow-paced offensive teams, circle those games as potential big-time under bets. Changing the size of wagers is taboo for some bettors, but the benefit of having the entire schedule at your hands is you can shift your budget based on confidence levels for all the different opponents.

Results / FixturesChicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls Standings

Always keep track of where the Bulls are situated. It’s especially important for moneyline bets. You want to know not only where the Bulls sit, but where their opponets are too. [+]

Are they better? Worse? Records alone shouldn’t direct your entire betting approach, but it gives you a rough and accurate preview of how inferior or superior the Bulls are to their opponents.

StandingsChicago Bulls

Monitor Chicago's Injuries

Injuries are a part of the Bulls' story, more so than most other NBA teams. They still don't know what they'll get from the oft-banged up Derrick Rose on a night-to-night basis, and cornerstone Jimmy Butler, who is essentially Rose's replacement, has run into his own share of bumps and bruises recently.

You'll want to avoid betting in favor of the Bulls when they're missing one or more of their studs. You're free to bet in the other direction, but this is still a scrappy team, and they can cover even the most unlikely of spreads on a whim. Don't hesitate to avoid touching their games altogether on occasion.

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