In 2015, the Cardinals clinched their third straight National Central Division title and won 100 games in a season for the first time since 2005. With the possibility of making it to their fifth straight NLCS, St. Louis fell to division rival Chicago in the NLDS. Even though the Cubs have possibly ascended past the Cardinals as the favorites to win the division and possibly the NL, St. Louis still has the firepower to put up a fight and not relinquish the throne. [+]

With seven All-Stars returning from last season, St. Louis has a solid returning core of veteran hitters and young arms to give them another chance at achieving their first World Series since 2011. 

Outfielder Matt Holliday and catcher Yadier Molina both made their seventh All-Star teams in 2015 and are the unquestioned leaders of the St. Louis clubhouse. Although both Holliday and Molina are staples of the Cardinals offense, the main reason that St. Louis might return to the World Series in 2016 is their young trio of pitchers. Trevor Rosenthal, Michael Wacha and Carlos Martinez were all under 25 years of age to start the 2016 season and each made their first All-Star team in 2015. Both Wacha and Martinez had ERAs under 3.40 and were 17-7 and 14-7, respectively. With John Lackey leaving to the Chicago Cubs, the Cardinals will lean more heavily on their young duo.

St. Louis will return each of their best starters in 2015 aside from Lackey (according to most innings pitched from last season– Lance Lynn and Jaime Garcia will make up the bottom of the St. Louis rotation. With the two above leading the way for the St. Louis pitching staff, Rosenthal had a breakout season as a closer for the Cards. The 25-year old had 48 saves in 2015 to go along with a superb 2.10 ERA. Even with the departure of Lackey, St. Louis has the potential to have the deepest rotation in the entire NL Central. 

While the majority of their hitters are getting into the latter parts of thier careers, St. Louis still has enough pitching firepower to contend with any team in the NL. 

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With a record of 100-62 in 2015, one would think the Cardinals are almost guaranteed a spot in the 2016 postseason. Well you would be mostly right, but they are not a certain lock given the upgrades made by the Cubs to overtake St. Louis.

Until that happens, though, the Cards will still be the big dog of the division. However, a big storyline to look out for in 2016 is the addition of former St. Louis players Lackey and outfielder Jason Heyward joining the Cubs. Even with Heyward departing, the Cardinals still feature one of the best infielders in the NL in Matt Carpenter. The two-time All-Star led St. Louis in home runs (28), RBIs (84) and runs (101). Even though he didn't make it to the All-Star game in 2015, he is still the focal point of the St. Louis offense. 

As far as teams to avoid matching up with St. Louis, there aren't a whole lot of bad options. The only squads in the NL that posted winning records against the Cards were the lowly Braves and Padres. Though this might be different in 2016 thanks to the major additions made by the Cubs, but don't expect too much to change even if the St. Louis win total is below 100, which is more than likely. 

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