Organized by Ban Johnson in 1900, the American League was the latest attempt by a rival league to compete with the established National League. But they were the first league to make it work. So good was the quality of AL baseball and so sound were the AL franchises that several NL players willingly jumped leagues when their NL contracts expired. The operators of the NL took notice, and in 1903, the two leagues ended the war and hammered out a working agreement that led to peace between the rival Major Leagues and the birth of the World Series.

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Since it was created 24 years after the National League, the American League is often referred to as the junior circuit in Major League Baseball, but the AL doesn’t not take a back seat when it comes to the World Series.


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The wonderful aspect of the Major League Baseball is that it may be the easiest sport to bet.

Unlike football, you don't have to give a point spread if you are betting favourites, and with as many as 15 games to choose from, careful study of tendencies, knowledge of pitching rotations - watch for No. 5 starters facing a staff ace - and the schedule - look for day games following a night game, or doubleheaders when a team might recall a pitcher from the minor leagues to spot start the extra game, makes for successful wagering. 

The American League has proven to be the dominant loop in the Fall Classic. Through 2015 Americian League teams held a 64-47 edge over the National League in World Series outcomes. 

The New York Yankees hold the edge in both World Series appearances (40) and wins (27). In fact, the Yankees have lost more World Series (13) than the National League team with the most wins, the St. Louis Cardinals with 11, have won.

The Oakland Athletics (14), Boston Red Sox (12) and Detroit Tigers (11) are other American League teams with double-digit World Series appearances. The Seattle Mariners are the only American League team that's never made it to the World Series.

Since Major League Baseball opted for regular season interleague play in 1997, it has created an interesting scenario for the baseball bettor. Since only the American League employs the designated hitter, it means that American League pitchers must come to bat in games played at National League ballparks. Logically, you'd think this would lead to a significant advantage for National League teams but the analytics don't bear that out. 

Nine American League teams own better than .500 records in interleague play, led the by the New York Yankees at .630. By contrast, just five National League teams show winning marks during interleague play. The American League fashioned a winning record in interleague play every season from 2002-2015.

Another element the baseball bettor must love about the American League is the balance within the league. Since 2007, 13 of 15 American League ballclubs have won a division crown and 14 of the 15 teams have appeared in the playoffs, so when you're playing a futures bet in the American League, don't be afraid to go for a long shot.

For example, both the Toronto Blue Jays and Houston Astros would have paid out handsomely had you wagered on them to make the AL playoffs prior to the start of the 2015 season.