How To Bet On Boston Bruins

Betting on the Boston Bruins may not be your first choice, but this original six franchise has proved, since the dawn of the league, that they have an ability to make history when the odds seem stacked against them. Boston has successfully begun a transition to a new group of players that has them humming along at a pace that makes them an interesting team to keep your eye on. Boston’s ability to turn it up at any moment is also met by the Jekyll and Hyde symptoms of some rather pedestrian performances. 

Boston Bruins Next Game

Keep an eye on the Boston Bruins next game to single out promising matchups and developing trends in the league. It could make all the difference between losing and winning your bets.


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Boston Bruins Regular Season Schedule

You can scope out promising matchups in advance by checking out the Boston Bruins regular season schedule, while scouting less demanding stretches.  [+]

If you notice an upcoming road trip through a region with mediocre teams, or a long trip where the team usually struggles, you’ll be able to make your bets accordingly. 


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Boston Bruins Standings

You want to keep your eye on the Boston Bruins standings as the team may be outwardly showing no signs of slowing down, but be mindful that if the team is in the middle of pack and the field begins to strengthen there could be trouble brewin’.


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Boston Bruins Betting Tips

You can usually expect the Boston Bruins to make the playoffs. Led by the skillful and feisty Brand Marchand, the Bruins have an offensive core many NHL teams should be envious of. Patrice Bergeron, David Backes and David Krejci support Marchand expertly, all of whom are capable of putting up impressive numbers.

However, most influential Bruins are either approaching, or above 30 years of age. Marchand is 28 years old and in the prime of his career. But the Bruins need to start focusing on procuring younger talent before their veterans start to deteriorate. 

Marchand enjoyed a career year in the 2015-16 campaign, even entering the league MVP disucussions. The Bruins success will depend on how well Marchand performs in coming seasons. 

The Bruins are middle of the pack in terms of goals for and against. You’ll have to look deeper into the analytics on a game-to-game basis to determine whether the over or under market is more suitable. The Bruins perform as well on home ice as they do on the road. Again, deeper analysis is required before backing or betting against Boston.

Take a look at the team’s Corsi Ratings to evaluate how much puck possession they have. It’s a wonderful stat to use in the new NHL, where more focus is placed on how well each team controls the play. 

Otherwise, you’ll want to look at their Adjusted Efficiency Margin, which compares a team’s offensive prowess to their defensive stubborness. It shows how they’ll matchup with other teams, offering added perspective.

If you don’t feel like delving into advanced analytics, though we recommend you do, at least scratch the surface by finding out how the Bruins historically perform against their next opponent. Do they prefer playing against Atlantic Division rivals, or are they a better against Western Conference teams?

These are the type of stats that will help you formulate a winning Boston Bruins betting strategy. For the foreseeable future, we recommend highly staying away from the Bruins in the futures market.