The second-coming of the Winnipeg Jets has been much celebrated, even if there hasn’t been much cause to celebrate on the ice. Since the Atlanta Thrashers were relocated to Winnipeg in 2011, the Jets have qualified for post-season play just once and were quickly swept aside. Still, there seems to be cause for optimism in one of Canada’s coldest cities, as the Jets are continuing to stockpile young talent, some which has already arrived in Winnipeg and others who are on the way to the big club. [+]

The Jets are well-coached and it might not be all that long until they are making some noise in both the Central Division and the Western Conference.

Winnipeg Jets next game

Who is up next for the Winnipeg Jets? That’s an important factor to know as you consider a wager on a Jets game. [+]

Western Canadian road swings are difficult on all NHL clubs, so it’s important to know if that next team arriving in Winnipeg is getting there at the start of their journey, or at the end, when they could be tired and susceptible.

Sickness and injuries are easy to acquire on a trek through Canada’s harsh prairie winters, so keep on top of who was where before they got to Winnipeg. 

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Winnipeg Jets Regular Season Schedule

This is the Winnipeg Jets regular season schedule. Like all Western Conference teams, the Jets face an arduous schedule, one that’s generally dotted with some long, grueling road trips through all sorts of time zones. [+]

You need to be aware of where the Jets have been and where they are going. At the same time, stay on top of where Winnipeg’s next opponent has been of late. Could one of these teams be a tired, banged-up bunch that’s ripe for the picking?

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Winnipeg Jets Standings

These are the Winnipeg Jets standings and this information is a goldmine of knowledge to be mined prior to making any wagers on Jets games. [+]

Check this data on a daily basis and always be aware of where the Jets are located. Are they on a roll? Are they struggling? Do they desperately need two points? Is their next game against a team that they are pursung? Know their home and away records, their current streaks and whether they’ve enjoyed success against their upcoming opponent.

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Winnipeg Jets Betting Tips

The original version of the Winnipeg Jets joined the NHL in 1979 after being the best franchise in the WHA, but that success didn't follow them to the NHL. They won just one playoff series in their history in Winnipeg before leaving town to become the Phoenix Coyotes in 1996.

The second edition of the Jets enjoys the support of a loyal, raucuous fan base that's delighted to once again have an NHL team to support, but like their predecessors, playoff success has so far proven elusive. 

The Jets, unfortunately, play in one of the league's best divisions, the Central. The division includes the Chicago Blackhawks, Nashville Predators, Minnesota Wild, Colorado Avalanche and Dallas Stars. While the Stars and Avalanche endured a miserable 2017, every other team is easily good enough for the playoffs. And the Blackhawks and Wild are considered Cup contenders. The Blackhawks are always an elite NHL team, so there's no surprise they are once again the cream of the crop. 

The Jets don't have the luxury of taking any nights off and are up against it no matter where they play. Goaltending needs to be addressed, though the team is said to still have every confidence in Connor Hellebuyck. He is only 23 years old so the team have every right to keep the faith. Let's see how he progresses as it will determine how long the Jets faith remains. 

Winnipeg is mediocre both on the road and at home so betting on them based on location isn't as simple as it is for other NHL teams. 

The Jets score a lot of goals but they also concede a lot, even more in fact. The 18-year-old phenom Patrik Laine leads the team in pretty much every offensive category and is the future of the franchise. 



The overs market is your friend when it comes to Jets' betting. They are continuously in run-and-gun affairs and we can't see that stopping anytme soon. Also, you'll want to take into consideration the Corsi Effect, which measures puck possession. Find out whether the Jets have a good Corsi and you'll be on your way to a solid betting strategy.