Sports Betting With JCB Sites

Sports Betting With JCB Sites
  • High-limit funding
  • Under Discover card umbrella
  • Accepted almost everywhere

Betting Sites That Use JCB Sites

Many sites previously accepted JCB as payment and withdrawal options. That number has since dwindled, and the list of those still accepting it isn’t entirely clear. But, in the past, you could do business with reputable sportsbooks such as DSI Sportsbook, BetOnline, Sports Interaction, William Hill, Bodog, Bet365, Youwin, Pinnacle, 5Dimes,, BookMaker, 888 Sports and many others.

Note that this list is more of a guideline for sussing out companies that may still be accepting JCB. They may or may not take it right now, but did at one point. You can find out more by visiting their websites.

No sportsbooks is available for those criterias.

JCB cards are steadily gaining popularity throughout the sports-betting community. They are part of the Discover card network, are relatively easy to get and, at one time, were accepted just about everywhere. These cards function like any other credit cards, and you typically receive cash-back incentives on your purchases. And that means you can, essentially, make money while spending money! [+]

Additionally, there’s the extra security that comes with being under the Discover umbrella and gaining rampant popularity. Initially issued in Asia, JCB payments quickly spread to the rest of the world, including Europe and the United States.

Like other lines of credit, there are limits to how much you can put on a JCB card. But these limits, while having the potential to be low, can often be high, allowing for maximum deposit and withdrawal flexibility.

How To Deposit With JCB Sites

Depositing to JCB-backed sites is so easy, it's mindless. Just treat your JCB card as you would any other credit card. It's internatially recognized, so the transaction shouldn't be declined, making it an especially attractive option for those worried about their other banks rejecting deposit and withdrawal attempts.

You are subject to a credit check when applying for a card, so keep that in mind. Your limit will also likely fall somewhere between $500 and $10,000, and there are no annual fees, so feel free to do your happy dance.

Unfortunately, JCB sites aren't available to all U.S. residents. California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon and Washington are all on JCB's approved list, and that group will grow with time—if it hasn't already.

In sum, if you can find a trusted sportsbook that accepts JCB and are able to apply for a line of credit, using this method is a solid choice.