How To Bet On Milwaukee Bucks

After a surprise 2014-15 season in which they clinched an unexpected playoff berth on the backs of one of the NBA’s best defenses, the Milwaukee Bucks have, in many respects, devolved into just another lottery team. That’s the risk attached to betting on teams such as this. Once they sniff mediocrity, even if it’s clear that their middling success is an aberration, they go all out to sustain it. And by doubling down on their core, with contracts for Khris Middleton and Greg Monroe, they’ve consigned themselves to disappointment. [+]

This makes the Bucks maddening to bet on, now more so than ever because they’ve started playing better. At least before there was a trace of certainty in their failures; now they’re hit or miss in the worst possible way for sports gamblers.

The best, and really only, way to go when considering bets for or against them is to play the recent trends. How has their defense been of late? What changes has head coach Jason Kidd made to the rotation? Are they on a protracted winning or losing streak? 

Follow those guidelines, along with some others, and you’ll stand a pretty good chance of making a profit in any wagers that pit you against Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Bucks Next Game

Next game widgets, like the below one, are your friends. Embrace them. Love them. Look at them daily. This reminds you who the Bucks are playing. [+]

And by seeing the spreads for each particular contest standing on their own, you have a better idea of what you’re looking for as you research the matchup.

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Milwaukee Bucks Regular Season Schedule

Full-scale schedules are also you’re friend. They offer what’s left of the Bucks’ entire season at a glance and let you prepare for your bets well in advance of tip off. [+]

The trick in this instance is to think in broad terms. Don’t concern yourself with exact spreads, moneylines and over/unders that don’t yet exist. Instead, look for games you consider locks—matchups you believe the Bucks, as presently constituted, are going to win or lose. Then, assuming nothing changes between now and then, decide how much you think the Bucks will win or lose by. That gives you a loose guidline to follow when the actual lines are released. You’ve created your own and can compare it against the real one, then make the call on whether or not it’s worth your money.

The description of this process seems overly nuanced, but it’s never hard to plan ahead. Just do it whenever you can. Remember, you’re not making any final decisions, just mapping our your path to one. When the actual game day rolls around and you’re looking at the official lines, you’re decision will be that much easier and you’ll see the benefit of keeping tabs on Milwaukee’s entire schedule.

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Milwaukee Bucks Standings

Take a look at the Bucks’ place in the Eastern Conference standings daily. It can change frequently if they aren’t too far ahead of those below them or too far behind those above. [+]

This is good practice when you’re keeping track of a playoff run and trying to hammer down potential first-round matcups, and it’s equally useful when seeing how likely the Bucks are to secure certain lottery odds.

StandingsMilwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee’s Long-Term Project

Certain aspects of the Bucks’ rebuild is ahead of schedule or approaching completion. The individual returns on Giannis Antetokounmpo, Krhis Middleton and Jabari Parker have been mostly good, giving the appearance that the Bucks will be ready to compete for things of consequence shortly.

But this team is still taking the long-term approach. The Bucks are not solely interested in winning now or even soon. They are, for the most part, prioritizing development over everything else. It’s senseless, then, to place any stock in their divisional odds, conference chances or championship prospects. The time for that is likely years away. And if it’s coming sooner, you’ll know by the middle of any given season. Don’t waste your time and sportsbook funds throwing Jell-O at the wall and hoping it sticks. This is to say: Don’t bother trying to predict an expedited championship window before the fact.

For now, stick with nightly bets for this squad during the season, and over/under wagers on win totals over the offseason. These are more controllable slips at this point in the Bucks’ development, and dedicating your Bucks-related betting to these parameters makes it more likely that you’ll come out ahead of the sportsbooks.