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The biggest story for LA Clippers this year has been Blake Griffin’s impact. And that’s not a positive impact on the court, but rather the impact when he struck a team trainer, breaking his hand and putting himself in more injury trouble. Griffin has battled hamstring injuries and only made things worse when he hurt his hand. The Clippers have had to battle without their top power forward, and while Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan and crew have done alright, they’re not in the upper echelon of the Western Conference like many had hoped.  [+]

They’ll lockdown a playoff spot and Griffin returning will be a boost, but they’ve struggled in some games this year, including recently against the Brooklyn Nets. However, they were also able to manufacture an impressive comeback against Oklahoma City the very next game. 

Griffin is the team’s leading scorer, but there are plenty of options without him. Chris Paul averages nearly 20 points and 10 assists and is a top-3 point guard in the NBA. Sharpshooter JJ Redick is 48 per cent from downtown and contributing nearly 15 points a game, while DeAndre Jordan, Jamal Crawford and recently acquired Jeff Green average more than 10 again. The Clippers also have clutch veteran Paul Pierce, but he is in the end of his career and scoring numbers have declined each of the past four campaigns.

LA Clippers Next Game

Find out who the Clippers play next and make sure you in the know by referencing all of the team’s latest game odds. Los Angeles needs more from their team and head coach Doc Rivers needs to figure out the optimal lineup for success. [+]

Newly acquired Jeff Green will be an asset no doubt, but other players discovering their peak play at crucial moments would be the biggest benefit for the team.

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LA Clippers Regular Season Schedule

You know, as a sports bettor, that it’s best to get the lay of the land before placing a wager. That’s why you should check the team’s regular season schedule to formulate the optimal betting strategy.  [+]

Los Angeles will get a boost when Griffin returns, but the road isn’t easy, as they’ve got to play Cleveland, San Antonio, Oklahoma City (two), Boston and Golden State, among other teams. That’s six very tough matchups, plus a few others which might give them trouble as well.

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LA Clippers Standings

The LA Clippers expect big things from their star-studded team but haven’t quite delivered this year. Keep up to date with their happenings by referencing the NBA standings. Just 7-5 in their division, it’s clearly the weak point for the Clippers, as aside from the Warriors, the division features three non-playoff teams.

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