No division in Major League Baseball possesses the rich history or the tradition of success that the American League East does. American League East teams won 40 of the first 112 World Series played. That’s nearly a one-in-four rate of success. Factor in the 21 occasions in which American League East teams were the losers in the World Series and that puts teams from the division in 61 of 112 and that means AL East teams have appeared in nearly 55 per cent of every World Series ever played. [+]

In other words, were you to place a futures best on an American League East team apperaning in the Fall Classic, odds would be better than 50-50 that it would be a wager that would pay off in the end.

Best AL East Betting Lines

When planning your fortchoming American League East bets, make sure to reference the latest game lines which can be seen below. It will help your returns significantly.

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What Are The AL East standings

The American League East Division standings are available below and this is a division that features some of the tighest compeititon in baseball. [+]

No matter where they are in the current standings, you know when the New York Yankees meet the Boston Red Sox, you can throw the respective records out the window in a baseball rivalry that’s been heated since 1920, when the Yankees acquired Babe Ruth from the Red Sox.



Online Tips For American League East Bettors

Another advantage from a betting standpoint that makes the American League East Division appealing is the competitive level of the group. All five American League East teams have won a division title since 2008 and each of them have appeared in the American League Championship Series over that span, with three of them advancing to the World Series.

During the 2016 season, AL East teams filled 60 percent of the AL's five playoff positions. The Boston Red Sox won the division and the Toronto Blue Jays and Baltimore Orioles claimed both wild card spots.

Offense tends to be the name of the game in the American League East Division, so keep that in mind when placing wagers on American League East games.

The American League East offers the only international flavor in Major League Baseball in the form of the Toronto Blue Jays, and the Blue Jays and Red Sox are an over bettor's dream come true. The Blue Jays led Major League Baseball in 2015 in runs scored and Boston did the same in 2016.

The New York Yankees featured some of the most talented young hitters in baseball and the Orioles are loaded with power sluggers.

The AL East Is Filled With Mighty Beasts

With its quirky and unique ballparks, baseballs tend to fly out of American League East stadiums. Fenway Park with its 37-foot Green Monster in left field and nooks and crannys all over the smallest playing area in the Major Leagues, is the oddest ballpark in the Major Leagues.

The right field porches in Yankee Stadium and Oriole Park at Camden Yards are inviting targets to left-handed power hitters, while when the roof is closed at Toronto's Rogers Centre, it turns into a launching pad.

During the 2016 season, Boston led the league in hits (1598) and runs (878), while Baltimore's 253 home runs were an AL best.