The Chicago Blackhawks won as many Stanley Cups between 2010-2016 (three) as they did since entering the NHL, in 1926, to  2009. In a salary cap era, the Blackhawks are the closest thing the NHL has seen to a dynasty. No team is going to win three, four or five Stanley Cups in succession any more but this team wasn’t far away. Led by superstarts Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane, the Hawks have dominated one of – if not the – toughest divisions in the NHL. But make no mistake, things won’t come easy for them in upcoming seasons.  [+]

While the Blackhawks have come up with a formula allowing them to keep their core of superstars intact, other teams in their division are also starting to push the envelope. Competition has never been more stiff, a halmark trait of the new NHL, a league with more parity than most others.

Chicago Blackhawks Next Game

While the Blackhawks are a top NHL club, it’s still essential to know as much about their next opposition as possible, especially when fomenting a viable longterm betting strategy.  [+]

By researching and scrutinizing the match-up prior to each game, you can unearth tendencies and see which teams the Blackhawks own, and which teams give them fits. An educated bettor is a successful bettor. 

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Chicago Blackhawks Regular Season Schedule

The Blackhawks schedule is a crucial element to your betting success. Study it, live it, know it and it will prove an extremely useful resource.

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Chicago Blackhawks Standings

Follow the Blackhawks and check regularly where the sit in the standings. You will generally locate Chicago at or near the top, but it’s equally important to be aware of how well their oppositon are doing. 

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Chicago Blackhawks Betting Predictions 

A long-standing Blackhawks fan has earned the right to brag about their team, because for decades, Chicago was known for all the wrong reasons. The Blackhawks were so bad in the 1950s that the team started moving home games to neutral sites. The franchise didn't win a single playoff series from 1944-60. Even in the 1960s when they suited up such Hall of Famers as Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita and Glenn Hall, the team could only manage to win one Stanley Cup. Though many franchises can only dream of winning even on Stanley Cup. 

Fans have waited a long time for succes, but good things come to those who wait. In Chicago's case, great things come. The Blackhawks are, on home ice, as close as a sure thing as there is. They rarely lose at the United Center. But remember, you're returns on straight moneyline bets will be minimal, so it's better to include home Hawks bets as part of a bigger parlay.  

The Hawks are still a good futures play, too. While the Central Division is one of the best in the league, this team can beat anyone on their day, especially in a seven-game playoff series. They have the pedigree, talent and experience to oust any, and all, NHL rivals. 

10-Game Metrics

You'll want to pay close attention to how they fare against other teams in the Central Division. It's a metric that will help immeasurably when planning your betting strategy. Also, digging into how each team has performed in the most recent 10 games is a good litmus test for one-off bets. It provides enough evidence to feel comfortable with current wagers.

Taking Top Seeds

In addition, the Blackhawks, are considered as the favorites in most games they play, so it's a good idea to take into account their adjusted efficiency margin, a metric that will help you decide whether they will live up to their favorites' billing. 

Corsi Ratings

Finally, before making your Chicago Blackhawks bets, delve into their top player's Corsi Ratings. Basically, it boils down to how well a team can cope when some of their premier players are sidelined due to injury. It's all about puck possession and depth, both of which are key stats in the new fast pacec, skill-laded NHL.