Fighting for a playoff spot behind the play of Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors and Rudy Gobert, the Jazz have played well this year, but aren’t among the top teams in the West. As a team hovering around the .500 mark, it’s difficult to bet when it seems the games could always go either way. They’ll knock off a solid team, giving many hope but then fall to a bad squad just a few nights later. Six players have points-per-game averages of 10 or more points, so the Jazz are certainly a team that can share the rock and score in high volume. [+]

However, Defense has hurt the team, and without a true superstar or a terrific coaching scheme, the Jazz are a middle-of-the-pack squad. They’re just behind Houston in the playoff race and they’ll need to step up in a major way to close the gap and snag the eighth spot. However, even if the Jazz get one of the final two playoff spots, they’re reward is a first-round matchup with either San Antonio or Golden State.

Utah Jazz Next Game

Want to know who the Utah Jazz play next? Look no further as we have you covered. Don’t forget to reference the game odds for their next game, too. Since the NBA All Star Game, the Jazz have played themselves out of a playoff spot and need a turnaround or spark to get things going again. They stood pat at the deadline, not wanting to give up the future for just one playoff round.

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Utah Jazz Regular Season Schedule

Kee up to date with the Utah Jazz’ regular season schedule and ensure you’ve done your homework before firing on all Utah Jazz betting cylinders Utah has some big hurdles to overcome for the remainder of the season. Pick your bets wisely when wagering on the Utah Jazz. [+]

Gordon Hayward is going to have to play lights out if he wants to push his team to the post-season, and big-man Derrick Favors would do his team a favour if he lived up the draft expectations from years back.

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Utah Jazz Standings

See where the Utah Jazz sit in the standings and cross-reference their position in the standings with forthcoming opponents and current game odds. Only then are you ready to experience that winning wagering feeling. Utah is in an awkward spot: outside of eighth place, but ahead of ninth. They sit comfortably in between, but it’s not a spot any team wants to be.

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The Gordon Hayward Show

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