A cynic would view the 2016 season as a regression for the Houston Astros but a realist sees the year for was it truly was – a blip on the radar. [+]

After nearly making it to the World Series in 2015, the young Astros fell back and out of the playoff picture but that should only be a temporary situation. This is one of the best young teams in baseball and soon enough, the word young will be removed from that description – not because the Astros are getting older but because this is team is getting better and better.

Houston, spearheaded by one of baseball’s best young infields, has a chance to be one of the best teams in baseball for years to come.


Best Houston Astros Betting Lines

For the most updated information on who the Astros are playing on a daily basis, check the breakout tool below that will give you the rundown on the current lines and favorites.  [+]

The Astros possess one of the deepest, most potent lineups in baseball and will always be a good bet for the over on the total. 


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Houston Astros Regular Season Schedule

To find a detailed overview of who the Astros will play during the 2016 season, the function below will give you a breakdown of the dates and times from April to the fall.  [+]

This element will be constantly updated after each game the Astros play, so make sure you are checking this before you make any wagers on Houston games.


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Houston Astros Regular Season Standings

While the the two tools above give you an overview on who the Astros are playing on daily and seasonal basis, the standings tool will tell you where they stack up in the AL. [+]

This function will also tell you where Houston places in relation to the rest of the AL West and give you an idea if they have been surging in the last couple of weeks. Make sure to check this each time you bet to get a snapshot idea of where Houston ranks in the AL and if they would be a wise team to bet on. 

One area where the Astros need to shore up if contending for the AL West title is part of their plan is their work against their cross-state division rivals, the Texas Rangers. Houston won just five of 19 games from the Rangers in 2016.

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Houston Astros betting tips

In 2015, there were not many more masterful pitchers in baseball other than Dallas Keuchel. Keuchel turned the collective baseball world on its head in 2015. Going 20-8, the 28-year old earned a plethora of honors, chief among them the AL Cy Young Award and his first All-Star game appearance.

Just when it appeared that Keuchel had established himself as one of the arms in the league, he slumped to 9-12 with a 4.55 ERA in 2016 before shoulder inflammation sidetracked his season.

Getting back the Cy Young Award-winning Keuchel will be a major step toward the Astros returning to postseason play.

Bringing In The Vets

One of the theories on why Houston slid back to an 84-78 slate in 2016 was the fact that the plethora of young stars that comprise the nucleus of this ball club had no veteran presence to turn to as a calming influence in times of trouble and strife.

The Astros addressed that need in the offseason, adding experienced, proven talent such as Carlos Beltran, Brian McCann and Josh Reddick. As much as they are known for their talent, all three of these players own reputations as sterling leaders in a clubhouse environment.

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