What Are The NFL Standings

With a mere 16 games in the regular season, the NFL standings are in constant flux. Keep your eyes peeled on the below standings, which are always up to date. Knowing which teams can hit cruise control compared to the ones desperate to make up ground can come in handy when wagering on matchups. 


How To Win Your NFL Bets

Matchups, matchups, matchups — that will be key when betting the NFL. It's easy to fall into the trap of simply comparing results with a common denominator. 

Here's a prime example: Dallas beat the Redskins, and since Washington beat Philadelphia, then the Cowboys should be able to beat the Eagles, too. Don't ever do that. Ever!

Instead, evaluate each teams' strengths and weaknesses. Going back to the last example, perhaps Dallas topped Washington because they ran the ball effectively and controlled the clock. Ask yourself, will they be able to replicate that success against the Eagles. What if Philly has a dominant front-seven? Suddenly, the Cowboys' run game advantage is negated. 

That's exactly how you'll need to assess NFL wagers. If you can successfully find areas where one team can exploit another, then you'll soon have a lucrative career in betting! 

Furthermore, don't ignore recent trends. The NFL season is a long one, stretching from training camp in August to January if you make the playoffs. Factor in the number of injuries that affect every single team, and how a team performed in Week 1 has little bearing to a Week 15 matchup.  

Using the prior example once again, maybe the Cowboys run offense has faltered recently as a result of losing its Pro Bowl tackle. They could still be ranked high in total rushing yards for the year, but that statistic is now skewed for the current game. Staying on top of the injury report is crucial.  

If you're really looking for a tell-tale stat, then look no further than takeaways and giveaways. The team that wins the turnover battle regularly gets in the 'W column, as well. Use the 2017 NFL season as a case study, the top-10 teams in turnover differential all had a winning record. What about the bottom-10 teams with a negative differential? Just one — the Titans — made the postseason.  

One last tip: watch out for those three-point and three-and-a-half-point spreads. A field goal is the most common margin of victory in the NFL by a long shot. Therefore, it might be wise to buy a half-point and trim those spreads down. Trust us, nothing is more frustrating than losing a bet by a half-point, and we mean nothing! 

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