“Any Given Sunday.”

That phrase has become synonymous with the National Football League because anything can and will happen in a given game, and for that matter, an entire season. At this point, it’s not even up for debate that another American sports league has more parity than the NFL. [+]

One superstar talent can make all the difference in a basketball contest, as that player logs 40 minutes playing both offense and defense. Football? There’s 22 separate starters. And as good as Tom Brady is under center, he can’t help you half the game when he’s sitting the bench watching the defense.

This parity makes the NFL incredibly unpredictable, which is fun for the everyday fan watching on TV, but absolutely nerve-racking for bettors like us. Now, that doesn’t mean you can make money off the sport. Not at all. Matter of fact, opportunities to win are almost endless.

However, it does mean you’ll have to be especially prepared when laying down wagers. Picking games based off reputation alone is a sure-fire way to get burned. You’ll have to do your homework on team tendencies, strengths, weaknesses, and injuries. Can you spot the trends that no one else sees?

Thankfully for you, we’re here to help. Use this page as your starting point. Below you’ll find handy betting tips, ranging from how to evaluate games to avoiding the awful three-and-a-half-point spread loss. This page is also updated to the minute with the latest NFL game lines and standings.

The odds for the NFL Super Bowl 2023/24 were last updated on September 20, 2023:

Super Bowl 58 - Winner BetUS
Kansas City Chiefs +550
Philadelphia Eagles +550
Buffalo Bills +4000
Cincinnati Bengals +50000
San Francisco 49ers +325
Dallas Cowboys +850
New York Jets +75000
Miami Dolphins +850
Detroit Lions +1500
Jacksonville Jaguars +1500
Los Angeles Chargers +12500
Seattle Seahawks +8000
New Orleans Saints +12500
Denver Broncos +12500
Chicago Bears +100000
Las Vegas Raiders +50000

Best NFL Betting Lines

Don’t make any plans on Sunday because wagering on the NFL can be an all-day affair. Between spreads, point totals, and moneylines, the league has a bevy of opportunities to cash in on the entire slate of games. Here you’ll find all your betting options for the weekend!

Results / FixturesNFL

What Are The NFL Standings

With a mere 17 games in the regular season, the NFL standings are in constant flux. Keep your eyes peeled on the below standings, which are always up to date. Knowing which teams can hit cruise control compared to the ones desperate to make up ground can come in handy when wagering on matchups.


NFL Futures

The NFL lines that change the most over time are NFL futures. One way to really begin to understand how NFL odds work is to follow these lines over an extended period of time. You will see how they go up and down with different news stories, injuries, or even based on how bettors are placing their wagers.

Here are the NFL odds for winning the upcoming Super Bowl:

Super Bowl 58 - WinnerBetUS
Kansas City Chiefs+550
Philadelphia Eagles+550
Buffalo Bills+4000
Cincinnati Bengals+50000
San Francisco 49ers+325
Dallas Cowboys+850
New York Jets+75000
Miami Dolphins+850
Detroit Lions+1500
Jacksonville Jaguars+1500
Los Angeles Chargers+12500
Seattle Seahawks+8000
New Orleans Saints+12500
Denver Broncos+12500
Chicago Bears+100000
Las Vegas Raiders+50000

How To Win Your NFL Bets

Matchups, matchups, matchups — that will be key when betting the NFL. It's easy to fall into the trap of simply comparing results with a common denominator.

Here's a prime example: Dallas beat the Redskins, and since Washington beat Philadelphia, then the Cowboys should be able to beat the Eagles, too. Don't ever do that. Ever!

Instead, evaluate each teams' strengths and weaknesses. Going back to the last example, perhaps Dallas topped Washington because they ran the ball effectively and controlled the clock. Ask yourself, will they be able to replicate that success against the Eagles. What if Philly has a dominant front-seven? Suddenly, the Cowboys' run game advantage is negated.

That's exactly how you'll need to assess NFL wagers. If you can successfully find areas where one team can exploit another, then you'll soon have a lucrative career in betting!

Furthermore, don't ignore recent trends. The NFL season is a long one, stretching from training camp in August to January if you make the playoffs. Factor in the number of injuries that affect every single team, and how a team performed in Week 1 has little bearing to a Week 15 matchup.

Using the prior example once again, maybe the Cowboys run offense has faltered recently as a result of losing its Pro Bowl tackle. They could still be ranked high in total rushing yards for the year, but that statistic is now skewed for the current game. Staying on top of the injury report is crucial.

If you're really looking for a tell-tale stat, then look no further than takeaways and giveaways. The team that wins the turnover battle regularly gets in the 'W column, as well. Use the 2017 NFL season as a case study, the top-10 teams in turnover differential all had a winning record. What about the bottom-10 teams with a negative differential? Just one — the Titans — made the postseason.

One last tip: watch out for those three-point and three-and-a-half-point spreads. A field goal is the most common margin of victory in the NFL by a long shot. Therefore, it might be wise to buy a half-point and trim those spreads down. Trust us, nothing is more frustrating than losing a bet by a half-point, and we mean nothing!