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A monumental decision in pro football history came prior to the 1922 season, when the American Professional Football Association underwent a name change. The new handle given to the loop? The National Football League. While the name would prove to have plenty of staying power and enormous growth potential, the NFL of the 1920s did not come close to resembling today’s NFL with its stranglehold on the American conscience. Even something as seemingly simplistic as determining a champion was a complicated process.  [+]

Teams did not play a balanced schedule, so the champion was decided via winning percentage. This led to some skullduggery behind the scenes, with teams seeking to play more games against weaker clubs and occasionally going as far as to outfit opponents with inferior talent in order to pump up their winning percentage.

The NFL really seemed to find its legs in the 1930s. Fluidity and stability steadily came to the group and 1936 saw the first season without a franchise shift. The league had witnessed 51 teams come and go prior to that.

Teams that would grow into NFL powers today came to life in the 1930s. The Chicago Bears won the first NFL championship game ever played in 1932, paced by future Hall of Famers Red Grange and Bronko Nagurski, who combined for the only touchdown of the game. The Bears won the title again in 1933. The New York Giants were NFL champions in 1934, the Detroit Lions in 1935 and the Green Bay Packers in 1936.  

In 1939, paid attendance at NFL games topped the one million mark for the first time in league history. Pro football had definitely arrived as a big-league sport.

Best NFL Betting Lines

We provide the best football betting lines below so keep your eye on them and find the game that is most appealing. Don’t forget to take into account the variety of betting types available. 

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What Are The NFL Standings

The NFL standings are compiled here and they are offer a wealth of information to the football bettor. Make it part of your daily regimen to study both the league standings and the team and individual stats.



How To Win Your NFL Bets

Look for teams that are trending upwards and those that are diving into a tailspin. Avoid pitfall bets such as a team that is playing on a Thursday following a Sunday game. Note which teams don’t fare well when playing on the West Coast, which teams struggle in domed stadiums, and take special note of when indoor teams are asked to play outdoors in unfriendly climates late in the season.

Know the clubs that possess significant home-field advantages. Figuring out the teams that own the greatest home-field advantage isn’t difficult to calculate. Simply take the number of total points scored by a team at home during the season, subtract the total points allowed and then divide the remainder by the number of games played. Any teams that return an advantage greater than three points per game can be considered to be solid home performers.

When wagering on the NFL, it’s important to remember that the vast majority of games finish up with a margin of three or seven points in the final scoreline. Three is the most common outcome and seven the second most frequent finishing line.

A good stat to take into account when deciding which way to bet is to take the total number of yards gained by a team’s offense and then subtract the total number of years the same team’s defense has surrendered. Those squads that finish up with the largest positive number will generally be the favorite to win.

Other prominent statistics to keep in mind when wagering on the NFL include time of possession. If a team holds the ball on average longer than its opponents, that generally works out to be a winning formula.

The giveaway-takeaway numbers are another telling stat. If a team holds a positive digit in this equation, they tend to win more often than not, while teams that are in the negative numbers in this category are generally a disaster waiting to happen.

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