On the surface, it seems like a wild idea, trying to place wagers on a game that even the players have admitted for them is a tough one to find the intensity and get fired up about. The NHL has tried just about every format to make its All-Star Game a competitive event and they may have finally hit the jackpot with last season’s three-on-three tournament. But just because All-Star weekend has more no hitters than Nolan Ryan, that doesn’t mean a sharp bettor can’t hit the jackpot. [+]

The best approach is to stay away from betting on winners and losers and look for prop bets that will deliver a pay day.

Best NHL All Star Game Betting Lines

The NHL All-Star Game is all about having fun for those involved, and that’s the best approach to take from a wagering standpoint as well. Look for prop bets. [+]

Players take that competition somewhat seriously. Who will be the fastest skater? Who will fire the hardest shot? As for the game itself, wagers on the over/under are a natural in a scorefest like this game generally turns out to be. Again, fun is the order of the day. Bet on who will be the MVP, who will score the first goal, if there wil be a penalty?

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NHL All Sar Game Matchup

In the early years, the NHL All-Star Game matchup pitted the NHL All-Stars against the defending Stanley Cup champions and it was an intense affair. [+]

That was the days of the six-team era. The players weren’t millionaires, so every dollar mattered and the players of the five vanquished teams didn’t take kindly to losing out on their chance at Stanley Cup bonus money. 

That isn’t the case today. Players all know each other and the All-Star Game is as much a social gathering as a hockey game. The NHL has experimented with several formats trying to inject passion and intrigue into their mid-season classic and last season’s three-on-three tournament appears to have filled the bill. Quick games built around a fast pace and displaying the high-end skill of its top players was a winning formula. And it can be a winning formula for you as well. 

Teams that suit up players from the host club are generally a good bet, because those fellows want to put on a show for their own fans. Also, watch for teams that are loaded with first-time all-stars, because they will generally perform in the event with a little more determination and passion than someone who’s been there and done that several times.

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NHL All Star Game's Evolution

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Back in the early days of the NHL All-Star Game, they actually played out like real NHL games. Bill Mosienko suffered a broken ankle when checked in the first game in 1947, and Gordie Howe and Gus Mortson actually fought in the second game.

That type of intensity long passed from the contest, as NHL execs furiously for some way to inject life into the game. Finally, they may have found the winning formula with the three-on-three tournament. It's fast-paced, exciting and believe it or not, competitive.

This is a good thing for the betting public. Competitive games mean more realistic wagering opportunities and than means an increased chance of a return on your betting dollar.