Last season was one of the best in franchise history for Chicago. The Cubs advanced to their first National League Championship Series since 2003 but came up just short of their first World Series bid since 1945. Nonetheless, they are still one of the favorites to win the championship in 2016 thanks to one of the best young cores in baseball. The main event for the Cubs is the best pitcher in baseball from the 2015 season — NL Cy Young winner, Jake Arrieta. The 30-year old posted a litany of honors in 2015 in addition to the Cy Young. [+]

He was the MLB wins leader (22-6), threw a no-hitter and set a new MLB record by posting a 0.75 ERA in the second-half of the season. Since then he threw another no-hitter in April of 2016 and is hands-down the rock of the Chicago rotation.


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Beyond Arrieta, the Cubs feature a couple of other stars in Kris Bryant, new addition Jason Heyward and first baseman Anthony Rizzo. Bryant was named the NL Rookie of the Year in 2015 and was named to his first All-Star by placing second on the team in home runs (26) and RBIs (99).

The native of Las Vegas, Nevada, Bryant is only 24 years old and is tabbed by many to be the next great third baseman. However, the man who was the offensive leader for Chicago last year was the first baseman Rizzo. A two-time All-Star, Rizzo was first on the team in home runs, RBIs and most importantly, only missed two games the entire year. With that solid core, Chicago has added a new dimension with Heyward. 

Acquired as a free agent from divisional rival St. Louis, Heyward was brought in to replace the departed Starlin Castro. Even though he made his last All-Star team in 2010, Heyward is still one of the most lethal bats in the game and is still only 26 years old. His addition to the Cubs order, along with the addition of World Series champion Ben Zobrist at second base, gives Chicago a legitimate chance to win the franchise's first World Series in over 100 years. 

Though the movie "Back to The Future" predicted the Cubs to win the World Series in 2015, this year's team has the potential to make the producers a little happier to know that they were only a little off. 

As one of the best teams to end the month of April 2016, the Cubs have had a great amount of success against the rest of the MLB the last two seasons. Even though Chicago fell short against the Mets in the 2015 postseason, they actually dominated New York during the regular season by racking up an unefeated mark of 7-0. Chicago also dominated fellow NL Central rivals Milwaukee (14-5) and Cincinnati (13-6). However, the Cubs were unable to find a rhythm against the Cardinals (3-4) and also the Dodgers (3-4). Establishing a winning mark against these opponents will be incredibly critical down the line if the Cubs want to advance out of the NL. 

For the Cubs to become the NL's choice to get to the World Series, they don't need to do much more right than they did in 2015 other than continue the momentum in the postseason. That comes down to the rest of the pitching rotation for Chicago beyond Arrieta. The rotation consists of veterans Jon Lester, Jason Hammel, new addition John Lackey and second-year man Kyle Hendricks. Both Lester and Lackey are two-time World Series champions and bring a championship pedigree to the Chicago rotation while Hendricks and Hammel are still finding their niche for Chicago. If these four can consistently perform at a high level that they have shown throughout their careers, then Chicago has one of the best chances to get the championship. 

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