Sports Betting Systems

Some gamblers have lucky charms while others decide to look at the numbers and figure out a way to increase the value of their bets. High-rollers have been trying to figure out systems that guarantee winnings while wagering for hundreds, if not thousands of years. A lot of these systems have some sort of logical inspiration behind them, but begin to fall apart when you realize that sportsbooks and casinos have rigged the rules to make these systems less effective. [+]

Ideas like the famous Martingale betting system seem to make sense, but should be looked at in more detail in order to understand the benefits and limitations.

Explaining Sports Betting Systems

Sports betting systems consist of a series of rules on how to place your wager and the teams on which you should bet. The conditions that players must follow when using a these systems often attempt to take advantage of specific situations that offer a greater reward or better odds when playing. 

When played properly, sports betting systems take advantage of these small statistical inefficiencies, producing better returns – in particular for smart bettors who pay close attention to the sport, track their bets and keep close tabs on odds.  Sports betting systems work best when focusing on the long game.

Small increases in the probability of winning, when exploited frequently and consistently, add up to cushion the odds compared to attempting to figure out individual games.

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Do Sports Betting Systems Work?

It's always important to understand the details and perform due diligence when considering the use of sports betting systems. The only reason they work is because many sports leagues, especially at the professional level, tend to be relatively predictable.

On any given day, any team can win – that's why the games are played. But trends and history do provide a window into the likelihood of how a match may unfold. Any sports betting system claiming to be the miracle cure to losing is lying. Wagering systems that claim to require little work are also likely to be selling snake oil. There is no magic formula that works without a willingness to do the work and to know your subject matter.

Sports betting systems work to help you understand trends, getting the most out of your wagering dollar. They require solid understanding of the sport, the odds and a willingness to pay close attention to the numbers.

Where To Find Sports Betting Systems

Some sportsbooks are nice enough to suggest a few betting systems that you might consider using, but as with a medical diagnosis, it's a good idea to get a second opinion. Gather information from a variety of sources to learn as much as possible about sports wagering systems. That's why we've already done much of the work for you here on this website. 

We explain a wide array of sports betting systems and let you know which ones make the most sense. In the end, it's up to you to decide, but the most enjoyable and profitable way to wager is to have all the facts at your fingertips.