How To Bet On Cleveland Cavaliers

Placing bets on the Cleveland Cavaliers can be easy. They still don't have a clear rival in the Eastern Conference, even with the Boston Celtics and Toronto Raptors surging. But the Cavaliers are also their own worst enemy, in that they often play down to the level of their opponents and have, recently, struggled to cover large spreads. That doesn't mean they're an unattractive betting play. To the contrary, if you know a lot about them, it's easy to make an educated wager that can leave you feeling confident enought to keep betting on them. The trick is knowing when to bet, and what about them you should be betting on.

Cleveland Cavaliers Next Game

Increase your knowledge by staying up to date with the Cavaliers' next game. Singling out their next opponent allows you to do more research on both parties as you look to forge a betting direction with which you feel most comfortable. We know you can do it!

Wednesday, Oct 23 19:00 EDT
Cleveland Cavaliers
Orlando Magic

Don't tether yourself to the moment. Know all you can about the Cavaliers' upcoming regular-season schedule. The further you look ahead, the more of an informed decision you can make. [+]

Everything from planning on which games to bet, to plucking out opponets you must study, to handpicking the biggest potential roadplocks in your sportsbooks approach can increase your gambling prowess. And the best way to map out that kind of plan is by analyzing as many future matchups as time allows.

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October 2019 (8)
Mon 7 San Lorenzo 18:00 Cavaliers
Fri 11 Cavaliers 19:00 Detroit Pistons
Sun 13 Cavaliers 15:00 Boston Celtics
Tue 15 Boston Celtics 19:00 Cavaliers
Wed 23 Cavaliers 19:00 Orlando Magic
Sat 26 Indiana Pacers 21:00 Cavaliers
Mon 28 Cavaliers 20:00 Milwaukee Bucks
Wed 30 Chicago Bulls 19:00 Cavaliers
November 2019 (15)
Fri 1 Cavaliers 19:00 Indiana Pacers
Sun 3 Dallas Mavericks 19:30 Cavaliers
Tue 5 Boston Celtics 19:00 Cavaliers
Fri 8 Cavaliers 19:00 Wizards
Sun 10 Cavaliers 19:30 New York Knicks
Tue 12 Cavaliers 19:00 Sixers
Thu 14 Miami Heat 18:00 Cavaliers
Sun 17 Sixers 15:00 Cavaliers
Mon 18 Cavaliers 19:00 New York Knicks
Wed 20 Cavaliers 19:30 Miami Heat
Fri 22 Cavaliers 20:30 Dallas Mavericks
Sat 23 Blazers 20:00 Cavaliers
Mon 25 Brooklyn Nets 19:00 Cavaliers
Wed 27 Orlando Magic 19:00 Cavaliers
Fri 29 Milwaukee Bucks 19:30 Cavaliers
December 2019 (14)
Tue 3 Detroit Pistons 19:00 Cavaliers
Fri 6 Orlando Magic 19:00 Cavaliers
Sat 7 Cavaliers 19:30 Sixers
Mon 9 Cavaliers 19:30 Boston Celtics
Wed 11 Houston Rockets 19:00 Cavaliers
Thu 12 Cavaliers 20:30 Spurs
Sat 14 Cavaliers 20:30 Milwaukee Bucks
Mon 16 Cavaliers 19:30 Toronto Raptors
Wed 18 Hornets 19:00 Cavaliers
Fri 20 Grizzlies 19:00 Cavaliers
Mon 23 Atlanta Hawks 19:00 Cavaliers
Fri 27 Cavaliers 16:00 Boston Celtics
Sat 28 Cavaliers 20:00 Wolves
Tue 31 Cavaliers 19:00 Toronto Raptors
January 2020 (16)
Thu 2 Hornets 19:00 Cavaliers
Sat 4 Thunder 19:30 Cavaliers
Sun 5 Wolves 19:30 Cavaliers
Tue 7 Detroit Pistons 19:00 Cavaliers
Thu 9 Cavaliers 19:00 Detroit Pistons
Sat 11 Cavaliers 21:00 Denver Nuggets
Mon 13 Cavaliers 22:30 L.A. Lakers
Tue 14 Cavaliers 22:30 L.A. Clippers
Fri 17 Cavaliers 20:00 Grizzlies
Sat 18 Cavaliers 20:00 Chicago Bulls
Mon 20 New York Knicks 17:00 Cavaliers
Thu 23 Wizards 19:00 Cavaliers
Sat 25 Chicago Bulls 20:00 Cavaliers
Mon 27 Cavaliers 19:00 Detroit Pistons
Tue 28 Pelicans 19:30 Cavaliers
Thu 30 Toronto Raptors 19:00 Cavaliers
February 2020 (11)
Sat 1 Warriors 20:00 Cavaliers
Mon 3 New York Knicks 19:00 Cavaliers
Wed 5 Cavaliers 20:00 Thunder
Sun 9 L.A. Clippers 19:30 Cavaliers
Wed 12 Atlanta Hawks 19:00 Cavaliers
Fri 21 Cavaliers 19:00 Wizards
Sat 22 Cavaliers 20:00 Miami Heat
Mon 24 Miami Heat 19:00 Cavaliers
Wed 26 Sixers 19:00 Cavaliers
Fri 28 Cavaliers 20:00 Pelicans
Sat 29 Indiana Pacers 20:00 Cavaliers
March 2020 (14)
Mon 2 Utah Jazz 19:00 Cavaliers
Wed 4 Boston Celtics 19:00 Cavaliers
Sat 7 Denver Nuggets 19:30 Cavaliers
Sun 8 Spurs 19:30 Cavaliers
Tue 10 Cavaliers 20:00 Chicago Bulls
Fri 13 Cavaliers 19:00 Hornets
Sat 14 Cavaliers 19:30 Atlanta Hawks
Tue 17 Cavaliers 20:00 Houston Rockets
Thu 19 Cavaliers 19:00 Orlando Magic
Sat 21 Cavaliers 19:00 Indiana Pacers
Tue 24 Sacramento Kings 19:00 Cavaliers
Thu 26 L.A. Lakers 19:00 Cavaliers
Sat 28 Cavaliers 18:00 Brooklyn Nets
Mon 30 Phoenix Suns 19:00 Cavaliers
April 2020 (8)
Wed 1 Cavaliers 21:00 Utah Jazz
Fri 3 Cavaliers 22:00 Phoenix Suns
Sun 5 Cavaliers 21:00 Sacramento Kings
Tue 7 Cavaliers 22:00 Blazers
Wed 8 Cavaliers 22:30 Warriors
Sat 11 Milwaukee Bucks 19:30 Cavaliers
Mon 13 Brooklyn Nets 19:00 Cavaliers
Wed 15 Cavaliers 19:30 Atlanta Hawks

Cleveland Cavaliers Standings

Constantly be mindful of where the Cavaliers stand in the Eastern Conference. You're of course free to assume that they sit at the top, but you'll want to know how many games separate them from the field. [+]

That directly impacts their playoff bracket and, most importantly, whether they dole out rest days to key players such as LeBron James and Kyrie Irving.

StandingsCleveland Cavaliers

Buy Stock in Cavaliers' Future Bets

Betting on a game-to-game basis is difficult in general. It's even harder when perceived sure things, like the Cavaliers, are anything but sure things. Their daily game lines are exercises in uncerainty, and their performances against those lines are inconsistent and ambiguous.

When it comes to this era of Cavaliers basketball, future bets are the way to go. You know they're going to be Eastern Conference favorites, so it's best to invest in those odds early. The same goes for their championship odds, which will only diminish in appeal as they inch toward the playoffs.

The best time to bet on the Cavaliers' futures is actually when they're at their worst. Conference odds will start to slip in the bettor's favor whenever Cleveland hits a rough patch, and that's when you'll want to pounce. Regular-season losses can be discouraging, but LeBron James is a different animal in the playoffs.

Whatever team he's playing on in the East is almost assured of reaching the NBA Finals until another squad proves otherwise.