For a team that doesn’t get nearly as much media attention as other franchises in the league, it can be tough to figure out how to bet on the Florida Panthers. Florida has turned into a very consistent team and, while they still have much growing up to do, they’re definitely worth the price of admission. It is uncomfortable to bet on teams that don’t have much time in the spotlight but the sunshine has been good to the Panthers, the team clawing their way to respectability thanks to legends like Jaromir Jagr and two time, 20-year-old NHL All-Star defenseman Aaron Ekblad. 

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Have a look at who the Florida Panthers play next and delve into the analytics to find out whether it’s a favorable matchup or not. 


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Have a look into the future to find opportune betting chances. You won’t know the betting lines far in advance but you’ll be able to find favorable periods in the Panthers’ schedule. 


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Keep track of how the Panthers are faring by consistently referencing the standings. Find out how they compare to teams in close proximity and make bets based on your findings. 

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The Panthers are a promising team, one that should be in playoff contention for years to come. Jaromir Jagr, now 45 years old, is going to hang up his skates soon, surely. He's already defied nature but the time will soon come when Florida will have to make do without their ageless superstar.

But that might not be a bad thing. Aaron Ekblad is only 21 years old, the young defender equipped with all the attributes to have a long, fruitfull career. The 23-year-old Jonathan Huberdeau will lead Florida's attack. Those two youngsters are the backbone of a Florida team whose potential alone should keep this team in the playoff picture in the latter stage of most seasons. 

Goaltending, however, is a massive concern for Florida. Roberton Luongo is on his last legs and James Remier just isn't good enough to carry the load for an NHL team. He tried his best in Toronto, an experiment that didn't work out quite the way he, or the Maple Leafs, intended. 

Until the Panthers resolve their goaltending issues, they won't seriously threaten the better teams in the Eastern Conference

The Panthers don't perform markedly better at home so don't be tempted to back them based on game location. Take a deeper look into the analytics to find opportune betting situations. Their Corsi Rating is always a good place to start, as it measures puck possession, a crucial element in today's NHL. 

You'll also want to take a look at Florida's Adjusted Efficiency Margin, as it measures an underdog's chance of upsetting the favorite. The Panthers will, more often than not, be pegged as the underdog so it will be beneficial to you to find out whether they have what it takes to upset a favorite.