Betting Sites That Accept Visa

Betting Sites That Accept Visa
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Sports Betting With Visa

The idea of making deposits into an offshore sportsbook with nothing fancier than a Visa card is certainly an appealing one for bettors – and believe it or not, a possible one too – even for those residing in the United States. 

Given how common it is for American citizens to carry at least one credit or debit card bearing the Visa logo, there’s nothing simpler than using a Visa card for all monetary transactions.

While there are some barriers to using a Visa card to fund on offshore sportsbook account, the majority of books in the industry advertise Visa as a deposit option.

The problem that arises for American bettors is that not all Visa deposit attempts are accepted every time thanks to government and banking regulations. With this in mind, there a few things to consider when using a Visa card to fund an online account.  

How To Deposit With Visa 

While there's nothing unusual or tricky about the deposit process itself with most sportsbooks, some are far friendlier than others when it come to accepting Visa deposits.

It's also important to remember that Visa gift cards are widely known to have a higher success rate than Visa debit or credit card deposits. Using a gift or pre-paid card also allows the customer to make deposits without providing sensitive banking and personal information.  

Of the major sportsbooks, Bovada, BetOnline, Sportsbetting, and 5Dimes are known to be Visa-friendly, but just about all the industry's major and minor players advertise Visa as a viable deposit option. To belabor the point, it's quite difficult to pinpoint the success ratio of Visa deposits across a wide range of sportsbooks, and pre-paid or gift cards are usually the best option.

Visa transactions usually involve small or no transaction fee and the funds are generally available immediately with a successful deposit.

In addition to the trickiness of getting an online sportsbook deposit accepted with Visa, is the reality that no sportsbook catering to American players will allow withdrawal via the Visa card.

Obviously, this is a moot point when using a gift or pre-paid card, but it's one to be aware of nonetheless. American bettors able to find the "sweet spot"with sportsbooks readily accepting Visa transactions may find the convenience worth the initial drudgework.