The MLB postseason is where memories are made – and money can be made by the shrewd bettor. From 1903-1968, the Major League Baseball postseason consisted of the World Series. Purists insisted this made baseball the No. 1 sport, because only the two best teams in the game – the champions of the National and American Leagues – advanced to the playoffs. But it made for a quick postseason campaign and in years where the pennant races were not closely contested, rendered the latter portion of the regular season moot. [+]

In 1969, both Major Leagues went to two-division formats, with the winners facing off in best-of-five championship series, the victors advancing to the World Series. In 1994, each Major League was divided into three divisons and a wildcard playoff entry was added in both leagues. Then in 2012, a second wildcard spot was added to the postseason, which now opens with a one-game sudden-death wildcard playoff, and it doesn’t get more intense than that.

Considering that the playoffs are where the action is, both on and off the field, this was a thrilling development for all.



Best MLB Postseason Betting Lines

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Since Major League Baseball decided the more the merrier and added multiple teams to its postseason format, it’s led to some wild and often surprising outcomes.

In 1973, the New York Mets, despite an 82-79 regular season record, won the National League East and advanced all the way to the World Series. The Mets’ .509 winning percentage remains the lowest of any pennant winner in Major League history.

The 1987 Minnesota Twins won the World Series over the St. Louis Cardinals despite an 85-77 regular season mark (.525) and a dismal 29-52 road record.

It just goes to show that in today’s Major League Baseball postseason, the best team doesn’t always win, so it’s a wise bettor who does their homework and looks for reasons why a supposed lesser ballclub can overcome and take all the marbles.

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What Are The MLB Postseason standings

The MLB postseason standings are right here and it’s the savvy bettor who knows the ins and outs of every team. Keep an eye on movement in the standings to gain a wider perspective. [+]

With shortened starting rotations and bullpens often deployed in vastly different fashion that during the regular season, the team that finds its chemistry the quickest can cook up a formula for postseason success.

Watch for teams trending in both directions as the regular season winds down. Is a team’s ace looking weary down the stretch? Has their closer been blowing more saves than usual in September? Maybe a team clinched their postseason spot early and the slate of meaningless games they’ve been playing has got them out of their rhythm.


Online Tips For MLB Postseason Bettors

When betting on the MLB postseason, it's best to be inclusive in your analysis.

Maybe a team didn't suit up a Cy Young Award contender or a 30-homer slugger, but top to bottom both their rotation and their batting order are filled with solid, reliable performers.

Teams with deep bullpens always tend to go further in the postseason, so always know your relievers.


Don't count out the wildcard teams, either. Yes, their path to glory is the longest and the one filled with the most potential pitfalls, but a team that starts rolling in the playoffs can quickly turn into a steamroller. Beginning with the 1997 Florida Marlins, six wildcard teams have won the World Series, three staight from 2003-05.

In total, a dozen wildcard teams have played in the World Series, including two all-wildcard Fall Classics - the Anaheim Angels and San Francisco Giants in 2002 and the Giants and Kansas City Royals in 2014.