Anyone who plans on making money while betting on the NFL should keep their eye on the Minnesota Vikings. They are a team on the rise, as they proved during the 2015 season, when they ripped off 11 victories and won the division. Having undergone virtually no change over the offseason, the Vikings aren’t poised to drop off. As far as NFC contenders go, they should be one of the top five, right up there with the Seattle Seahawks, Carolina Panthers, Arizona Cardinals and Green Bay Packers. [+]

Now, there were some mitigating circumstances last season that contributed to the Vikings’ rise. The Packers were coping with a ton of injuries, specifically those to Jordy Nelson, Eddie Lacy and Randall Cobb. They still ground out 10 victories despite such adversity, so the NFC North might have been theirs to lose if they were even close to full strength.

That doesn’t take away from anything the Vikings. It just means you should approach their division and win total futures with a tad more caution. Don’t view them as 11 win or division locks once again. Impressive though they were, they overachieved last season.

Small wagers on just about every futures bet imaginable are fine. Division, conference, Super Bowl, win total–it doesn’t matter. Just don’t treat them as you would a perennial favorite in those categories, and you’ll be just fine.

Best Minnesota Vikings Betting Lines

Welcome to Best Betting Lines Central. Population: The Vikings. We have all the spreads, moneylines, overs and unders from around the web so you can decide which bet is best. [+]

Just be sure to check these odds multiple times before actually investing in any wagers. Game lines change a lot in the NFL, since they are published days before kickoff. 

Unless you’re one those bettors who places his or her gambles early in the week, when the odds are first released, chances are the lines will be different from when you first view them, compared to when you’re actually ready to make a bet.

It’s really not a big deal, so long as you stay on top it. Why did the line change? Was it an injury? A player return? Did a sportsbook just take too much action on one team or wager to open?

NFL - Regular Season Week 12
Monday, Nov 27, 202308:15 PM
Chicago Bears@Minnesota Vikings
NFL - Regular Season Week 14
Sunday, Dec 10, 202304:05 PM
Minnesota Vikings@Las Vegas Raiders
NFL - Regular Season Week 15
Saturday, Dec 16, 202301:00 PM
Minnesota Vikings@Cincinnati Bengals
Last update on Dec 5, 2023 05:45 AM

Minnesota Vikings Regular Season Schedule

Here is the Minnesota Vikings’ complete schedule. Those who like to construct wagers in advance will want to familiarize themselves with how to best use it. [+]

The scores of previous games that you see are great for establishing certain gambling patterns with regards to the Vikings’ single game plays. You can see how they play at home versus how they fare when they’re away. You can find out whether they are better over or under plays. You can write down their record against fellow NFC North squads. You can keep track of how often they cover spreads. You can figure out if they’re better or worse than expected when lining up against offensive or defensive specialists.

All of this information is invaluable. Whenever you spot trends or consistencies in one area, you’ll have an idea of how to bet when the Vikings once again find themselves in a similar situation.

Looking ahead in the schedule is just a great way to get out in front of the sportsbooks. Though you won’t have official game lines off which to work, you can still research how the Vikings’ play style, individual players, injury report and record compares to their oppents.

Once the lines are actually set, you’ll know exactly which side to bet on, allowing you to capitalize on some early bird action.

Results / FixturesMinnesota Vikings

What Are The Minnesota Vikings Standings

You know what’s a great way to keep track of the Minnesota Vikings’ midseason futures potential? By taking a look at their place in the standings. [+]

Seeing where the Vikings sit in the NFC North, general NFC and relative to the rest of the NFL tells you which futures, if any, you should invest in.

If they’re near the top of the NFC North, battling for position with the Green Bay Packers, that’s essentially a green light to use them as divisional futures. And if they’re keeping pace with the Seattle Seahawks, New England Patriots and Cincinnati Bengals of the NFL, you’ll know to view them as big picture futures (NFC championship and Super Bowl fliers).

StandingsMinnesota Vikings

How To Win Minnesota Vikings Bets

Although the Minnesota Vikings should be neck and neck with the Green Bay Packers in the NFC North's odds sector, try to find sites that are displaying a noticeable difference in their payouts. 

And then choose the underdog.

That's how close both of these teams are. So there's no point in betting on one simply for even money. That wouldn't make sense.

But if the Packers are being painted as underdogs at the sportsbooks, it would make sense to throw some money their way, beause they actually aren't underdogs. They are dead even with the Vikings.

This works on the flip side as well.

If the Packers are receiving more love in NFC North futures than the Vikings, roll with the boys in purple. They are not noticeably inferior to the Packers by any stretch.

So if their divisional payout is more lucrative than Green Bay's, there is more of a financial incentive to bank on the gap between them and the Packers being smaller than the sportsbooks are portraying it to be.

Last season, the Minnesota Vikings ranked in the top five of points allowed per game. After losing no one of note in free agency, their standing on the defensive side of the ball shouldn't change. 

Offense is a different story. The Vikings fell in the middle of the pack in points scored per game. They finished 16th in this category for 2015. But they will most likely be much better in 2016.

Offensive coordinator Norv Turner figures to give him more of a green light in 2016. That should amount to more passing yards and total touchdowns. So feel free to experiment with the over on his season long prop bets in those departments.

The Vikings won't want to burn him out. Running backs typically have a short shelf life. That Peterson, who is entering his 10th year, has lasted this long is nothing short of miraculous.

Their defense will be super stingy, allowing very few points, while the offense will be able to hold its own, hanging more points on opponents than it did last season.

That doesn't just pave the way for another 10 win season. It ensures Minnesota's margin of victory will, for the most part, be rather large—also known as "spread friendly."