This year has not been kind to the Brooklyn Nets as they flounder in the Eastern Conference basement, ahead of only the Philadelphia 76ers. The worst part is, they don’t even have the rights to their own 2016 first round draft pick since they sent it to the Boston Celtics in the Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce mega deal back in 2013. The team assembled in 2013 is no longer, as Deron Williams is in Dallas and Joe Johnson recently left for the Miami Heat, while Pierce plays in Los Angeles and Garnett is in Minnesota. [+]

The Nets still have some solid pieces, but not enough to be a winning team. Brook Lopez is scoring more than 20 points a night and Thaddeus Young is having a solid year, but Brooklyn needs more talent.

With that being said, why would anyone bet on the Brooklyn Nets. Or more importantly, when should you bet against the Nets?

Brooklyn has nearly twenty wins on the year, and of those, victories have come against Boston (twice), Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, and Oklahoma City. These are some solid teams who have been surprised by the Nets. That’s more than a third of the team wins against teams better than .500. But more often than not, Brooklyn is not a team to bet on unless they’re playing a team resting a star or a lower-ranked team. Even with odds against them and a potential high payout, you’d be wise to bet money elsewhere.

Remaining in 2016, Brooklyn is favoured in just three matchups, while the rest of the games have them as heavy underdogs. It’s not a pleasant time for the former New Jersey franchise.

Brooklyn Nets next game

Brooklyn may be able to rebound next season, but this year is lost and the team is only playing for pride. One good thing to consider: the Nets won’t be tanking since they don’t have a first round pick, but they’re still not winners on a night against a good opponent.

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Brooklyn Nets Regular Season Schedule

Have a look at what teams Brooklyn still has to face during the current campaign and stay apprised of their schedule for forthcoming seasons, too. Hopefully they improve upon the 2015-16 season.  [+]

There are a few games remaining this year where Brooklyn should be clear favourites. Against the LA Lakers, Minnesota Timberwolves and Philadelphia 76ers (twice), Brooklyn should take the win, plus a few games late in the year facing teams who may rest their stars, giving the Nets the upperhand.

Ending February on a hot streak, especially after playing well in a loss against the Clippers, Brooklyn might be an enticing choice, but they’re not built to win and will only disappoint.

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Brooklyn Nets Standings

Stay in touch with the Nets’ position in the NBA standings. Currently, Brooklyn is in an unenviable spot in the Eastern Conference standings. They often fair well against lower ranked teams, but usually flounder when pitted against the league’s best. Keep the faith if your a Nets fan. 

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Things Could Be Worse

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Things could be much worse for Brooklyn had they shipped Young or Lopez out during the trade deadline, but these two established players are doing well and letting the Nets compete some nights. Expect Brooklyn to pull off one or two more upsets this year, but just don't bet on it.