What happened to the Minnesota Twins in 2016? It’s a fair question. Minnesota notched a mark of 83-79 in 2015, their best overall record since 2010, and was in position to earn a wild card spot until the penultimate game of the season. Then in 2016 the bottom completely fell out. The Twins plummeted into the AL Central basement and lost a major-league high 103 games. [+]

Which team is the real Twins? Probably neither. Minnesota isn’t as awful as the Twins looked in 2016 but they also aren’t contenders for postseason play. Expect another tough year in the Twin Cities but perhaps not another horrific summer.

Best Minnesota Twins Betting Lines

For more information pertaining to Minnesota’s upcoming matchup, please refer to the tool below, which will give you the breakdown on what to expect in terms of favorites and lines. [+]

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Minnesota Twins Regular Season Schedule

To get an overview of who the Twins are playing this season, check out the schedule breakout box below. This function will layout who Minnesota has matched up well against. [+]

For example, the Twins were a tough opponent for some AL West teams in 2016, going 5-2 against Texas and 4-2 against both Seattle and the Los Angeles Angels.


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Minnesota Twins Regular Season Standings

Similar to the regular season schedule tool above, the standings overview will give you a broad idea of where the Twins stand in the AL Central. [+]

Both Detroit and Kansas City gave the Twins fits in 2016. Minnesota 4-15 against both of its division rivals, as those two teams accounted for 30 of the Twins’ 103 losses.



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Minnesota Twins betting tips

Even terrible teams have some talent and in Minnesota, the straw that stirs the drink is second baseman Brian Dozier. 

Dozier clouted 42 home runs in 2016, drove in 99 runs and fashioned an POS of .886. He also scored 104 runs and collected 336 total bases.

Pitching was Minnesota's Nemesis

When scouring for the main source of the Twins' downfall, while their overall hitting was below average, Minnesota's pitching staff was absolutely abysmal.

The Twins posted an American League-worst 5.09 earned-run average, and the Minnesota bullpen's ERA of 4.63 was also at the bottom of the league. 

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