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Gone are the days of Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson. The Nuggets lack star power, but have enough talent to stay out of the league’s cellar. With a lottery pick last year, Denver is laying down the foundation for success. Moving on from Ty Lawson, Denver is a young team that should be much better next year, with the potential of a playoff spot. But currently, it’s be a regressed year for the Mile High City squad. Their scoring has increased each month, but it hasn’t correlated in more wins. [+]

Denver’s scoring is well-spread out, but they don’t have a game changer. Danilo Gallinari (19 PPG), Will Barton (15 PPG), Kenneth Faried (12 PPG), Gary Harris (11 PPG) and rookie Emmanuel Mudiay (11 PPG) can lead the offense, but none are at an elite level. Things are looking good for rookie Mudiay, though, who has shown good instincts are has been given full reign from his coach.

The Nuggets have been hit and miss this year, as they lost two games to the Sacramento Kings in February, but also defeated the Clippers and Bulls. Sometimes the Nuggets can surprise teams, as evidenced by their 112-110 win over Golden State on Jan. 12. 

Denver has also beat Houston all three games this year, which might entice you to bet on them as the underdog. If the spread is against them in a big matchup, there are a number of factors to look at. Denver scores more at home, so it’s worth checking the location of the game. 

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Have a look at who the Nuggets play next to gain a better perspective of whether or not it’s worth a wager. Don’t forget to reference the up-to-date game odds while you’re at it.


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Planning ahead is a brilliant technique used in the world of sports betting. Have a look at who the Nuggets play down the line to make the best possible wagering decision. 

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The Nuggets haven’t been an elite NBA squad for quite some time and that fact is not about to change. It doesn’t mean betting on them is a lost cause, though.

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