The “recency bias” is a very real phenomenon in sports betting. It alludes to bettors having a selective memory for events that happened most recently. More times than not, this has a trapping effect as bettors think because “insert whatever team here” was good last season, they must be good this season. After all, how much can change over the offseason? A lot actually. The reverse also applies to historically bad teams, and if so, a lot of bettors are going to be sleeping on the Nuggets.

This franchise has been in a rut ever since ridding itself of Carmelo Anthony. They haven’t reached the postseason since 2013 and have won just two playoff series since 1994. Playing in a mid-sized market like Denver, which has never had that much fanfare, doesn’t help the Nuggets cause here, either.

However, we’re here to tell you to let go of that mind frame because Denver is for real. Center Nikola Jokic is the franchise’s first star since Anthony, and boy, he’s really something special. There’s never quite been a seven-footer who can dish the basketball like Jokic. That unique ability, plus a well-rounded supporting cast aside him, has the Nuggets on the up and up. 

The sooner you master betting on Denver, the bigger advantage you’ll have on everyday bettors who’ll show up late to the Nugget’s coming-out party. Now is the time and we’re here to give the assist a la Jokic. Below is our expert advice on Nuggets betting strategies, standings, schedule, and tons more! 

Denver Nuggets Next Game

Denver’s next tipoff is listed below, along with the most recent betting lines. Don’t be surprised if these odds change as the game gets closer. Bookies adjust depending on injuries, where bettors are leaning toward, and other outside factors. If you can decipher these line-changing variables, you’ll have a huge leg up on other bettors. Say an injury to a starter has shaved a point off the initial odds. Ask yourself, is this player’s absence a cause of concern or an overblown issue? 

NBA - League 2023-2024
Saturday, Dec 02, 202310:00 PM
Denver Nuggets@Sacramento Kings
NBA - League 2023-2024
Wednesday, Dec 06, 202310:00 PM
Denver Nuggets@Los Angeles Clippers
NBA - League 2023-2024
Friday, Dec 08, 202309:00 PM
Houston Rockets@Denver Nuggets
Last update on Dec 5, 2023 05:45 AM

Denver Nuggets Season Schedule

Here’s the Nuggets complete 82-game schedule. Taking a gander at the calendar will help you map out your strategy with Denver. Any tough stretches that could trip the Nuggets up? Or how about a nice homestand where they can rally off some wins? It’s your job to calculate these swings ahead of time.

Just remember, head coach Mike Malone has steadily improved his team’s win total each season. Two years might be a coincidence, but three straight seasons like Malone has done, suddenly that’s a trend to ride. More improvement should be the expectation moving forward. 

Results / FixturesDenver Nuggets

Denver Nuggets Standings

Welcome to the wild wild West where 14 out of the 15 teams are serious playoff contenders. This means the playoff race will be a dogfight until the very end. The standings below are up to the minute, so keep track of where Denver sits.

We’re confident the Nuggets will earn a playoff berth, barring a catastrophic injury. However, their seeding is anyone’s guess. They could range anywhere between the three to eight seed — that’s how competitive the conference is.

StandingsDenver Nuggets

Denver On The Rise

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Here's a crazy stat: the last time the Nuggets finished top-10 in defensive efficiency was the 2008-09 season. Perhaps it's no coincidence why the franchise has fallen greatly since that season when the team reached the Western Conference Finals.

However, just like everything else about this franchise, this isn't the same old Nuggets anymore. At his core, coach Malone is a defensive-first guy. That hasn't always shown through since taking helm of Denver in 2015, but it's finally manifesting itself. 

Now the Nuggets are undoubtedly one of the best defensive teams in all of the association. Today's NBA requires a heavy dose of pick-and-roll switching, which Denver is mastering the art of.

Jokic is no longer sitting in the paint waiting for guards to attack him. He's turned into the aggressor at the point of attack, and opposing teams are crumbling. 

The team's defensive turnaround isn't just about the scheme either, the effort is another biggie. Players have bought into Malone's system and are flying around the court. Recent additions of veterans like Paul Millsap and Mason Plumlee have also had a transformative effect.  

This shift favors betting the under in Nuggets games. Of course, Denver can also score with the best of them. So if they're matched up against a defensively-weak team, the Nuggets could screw up that under quickly. However, against an at least so-so defensive team? The under is the more common outcome. 

We've spent this entire guide convincing you Denver is no longer to be overlooked. That's true, but they're not quite championship contenders either — not yet, at least. We'd hold off on any future wagers until at least one more season. This team is still coming into its own, and they're far from their ceiling. 

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