How To Bet On Los Angeles Rams

New city, new team? In the Los Angeles Rams’ case, not so much. They were stuck in mediocrity for the 2015 season, and the move from St. Louis to Hollywood is more likely to trigger a regression than an uptick in success. You’ll want to approach them with caution at the sportsbooks. If it’s any consolation, this rebuild is pretty much by design. Big picture wise, it’s also a sign that the Rams aren’t content to churn out meaningless seven win seasons that don’t bring them closer to the playoffs or to landing a transcendent player in the draft. [+]

For those doubting the Rams’ rebuild, you need only look at their draft day decisions. They took quarterback Jason Goff with the first overall pick. Anytime you select a quarterback that high, you are gearing up an extensive rebuilding project. 

This is further evidenced by the Rams cutting ties with two key defensive players in free agency: Cornerback Janoris Jenkins and safety Rodney McLeod. They did reinvest in guys like safety/linebacker Mark Hayes, but overall, they didn’t approach free agency like a team preparing to play meaningful games anytime soon.

Plan your bets for this team in accordance with said reset button. The Rams should not be considered futures candidates unless you’re betting the under on their win total. And even then, the sportsbook you use should be listing a win total with an over/under of seven or more, otherwise it’s not worth the risk.

Best Los Angeles Rams Betting Lines

Find the best betting lines for the Los Angeles Rams’ next game below. We have consolidated the most optimal spreads, moneylines, overs and unders to help expedite your wagers. [+]

Even though these are the best odds, you should still be in the habit of double and triple checking them throughout the week—unless, of course, you are one of those early birds who places wagers as soon as the official odds go public.

Game lines change in the NFL all the time. The adjustments aren’t always major, but opening action, player injuries and player returns all play a part in moving the initial numbers.

You’ll want to stay on top of these tweaks, so that the bet you plan to make isn’t compromised. This page helps you do just that.

My Team's Next MatchLos Angeles Rams

Los Angeles Rams Regular Season Schedule

Take a look at the Los Angeles Rams’ entire regular season schedule, which can be of extreme value to anyone trying to get out in front of the sportsbooks. [+]

Past scores will help you define some betting tendencies that will be relevant every single week. Those outcomes tell you when the Rams are most likely to struggle or thrive.

You can see how they perform against certain spreads, relative to different overs and unders, when squaring off with specific types of offensively or defensively inclined opponents and so much more.

Combine all previous results to find out the Rams’ record under any given circumstance. Then take that record and apply it to their next game, based on where the game is being played (home or away) and what kind of team is lining up at the other end.

You can also use the schedule to jump ahead in the betting process. Study forthcoming matchups for the Rams and you’ll have no trouble making a decision once the lines for the game in question are actually released.

Results / FixturesLos Angeles Rams

What Are The Los Angeles Rams Standings

This is where the Rams currently sit in the standings. This overview is great for those planning midseason futures or for bettors who are trying to keep track on existing wagers. [+]

Simply see where the Rams sit in the NFC West, the NFC in general and relative to the rest of the NFL, and you’ll know whether they are a strong futures gambit. If they aren’t, you’ll know to focus your betting faculties elsewhere.

If you already placed a wager only to find they have bowed out of the running, this look at the standings should at least give you enough time to plan a contingency gamble that could, potentially, make up for the original swing and miss.

StandingsLos Angeles Rams

How To Win Los Angeles Rams Bets

Most of the NFL’s rebuilding teams are strong weekly over plays. The Los Angeles Rams are different.

Though their offense, which ranked 29th in points scored per game for 2015, won’t improve substantially, it can’t get much worse. Jason Goff, assuming he starts, will need a learning curve, but he has running backs Todd Gurley and Tre Mason to make plays for him in the meantime. 

Last season’s defense finished 13th in points allowed per game, so it didn’t exactly bleed scores. They’ll be just as good or better this season on the defensive side of the ball. 

Single game bets are your Los Angeles Rams lifeline. You have no choice since they aren’t yet strong futures options.

You already know they should be good under bets on a weekly basis, so keep that arrow in your gambling quiver. But they should also emerge as solid situational wagers on certain spreads and moneylines.

If the Rams are ever the underdogs against a huge spread—say, more than 10 points—it’s not a bad idea to take a flier on them in that game. They won’t need to win; they’ll just need to lose without being blown out.

This isn’t a good stance to assume against polished powerhouses, so be wary of who the opposing team is for these bets. But it’s a good way of capitalizing on a rebuilding squad’s growing process.

Plus, the Rams’ defense showed flashes of promise last year and could do the same this season. That should help the Rams remain within striking distance of superior opponents, even if the offense isn’t humming.

As for moneylines, the Rams should, in theory, be facing a ton of underdog odds. If they are ever ridiculous long shots—let’s say +300 or more–it might be worth throwing a small amount of coin down just to see if it pays off. 

Don’t get crazy with those types of bets. That’s asking for financial trouble. But if you have the purse depth to drop a few shekels on crazy lucrative moneylines, the NFL’s “Any Given Sunday” possibility could end up paying off for you. 

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