Sports Betting With Diners Club

Sports Betting With Diners Club
  • No fees
  • Instant processing
  • Easy set-up

Betting Sites That Use Diners Club

Now Diners Club is a rare sight, but many people are still support the unusual deposit method. In the US, Discover Financial Services now own Diners Club, while BMO purchased it on the Canadian side of the coin. Unfortunately none of our profiled bookmakers curretnly accept Diners Club. 

No sportsbooks is available for those criterias.

Diners Club? We’re talking about betting, not a nice meal out. Actually, Diners Club International is a charge card company and is often credited with being the first credit card. They’re a quick option for those looking to use their card for betting.

How To Deposit With Diners Club

Starting in 1950, Diners Club was the first charge card before eventually coming up against tough competition from Bank Americard (Visa) and Interbank Master Charge (MasterCard). As the market grew, Diners Club became less relevant, but still secured a loyal and sizable market. Today Diners Club is somewhat uncommon, especially as American Express has dominated the ‘member card’ industry. 

Like other credit cards used for betting, Diners Club doesn't have any fees and has rapid processing for deposits or transfers. The set up is the same as other credit cards and once a deposit has been placed confirmation of the transaction is not far behind.