The Washington Redskins surprised sportsbettors everywhere during the 2015 NFL season, winning nine games and the NFC East division in what many considered to be a rebuilding year. Though they weren’t the most consistent gambling plays, they were a bright spot insofar as the maddeningly incompetent NFC East could have one. But are they ready to successfully defend their divisional crown? [+]

Right now, we cannot definitively say yes. The New York Giants made a bunch of improvements on the defensive end, and the Dallas Cowboys should be a more imposing threat if both quarterback Tony Romo and wide receiver Dez Bryant are healthy.

Still, the Redskins have no plans of rolling over. They kept quarterback Kirk Cousins and poached star cornerback Josh Norman from the Carolina Panthers on a five-year, $75 million. They mean business.

Just not Super Bowl business.


Best Washington Redskins Betting Lines

Take a look at all the latest Washington Redskins betting lines right here. Everything you need can be found below, from spreads and moneylines, to overs and unders. [+]

As usual, when it comes to betting on NFL games, you’ll want to check back here early and often, right up until you place your wagers. These lines tend to move throughout the week since they’re published a few days in advance. That makes them susceptible to any sudden changes, however small.

If the Redskins are listed as seven point favorites over the Philadelphia Eagles on Wednesday, but then it becomes known on Friday that Kirk Cousins is a no-go with a sore shoulder, then we can expect the line to move in the Eagles’ favor.

If you have already placed a bet by this point, keeping track of this page will have given you a chance to place another wager to offset your presumed losses. And if you haven’t already laid down money, reviewing these lines regularly until you’re ready to act will have saved you an unwanted surprise. 

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Washington Redskins Regular Season Schedule

This is the Washington Redskins’ entire regular season schedule. This page will be especially useful for those who like to put extra thought into their bets. [+]

Checking past scores will let you see where the Redskins struggle and where they thrive. How do they fare against teams above .500? What about opponents below .500? Are they more likely to cover the spread at home or when they are on the road? What is their record when they are double digit point favorites? How about when they are underdogs? Have they proved to be a better over or under bet this particular season?

Answering those questions rewards you with a weekly betting guide that can be checked against every matchup. Simply see what time of team the Redskins are playing (offensive or defensive specialists), compare the records, take stock of the location (home or away) and then weigh the Redskins’ record against similar opponents to that point.

You can even use these findings to prepare for forthcoming matchups. All of the necessary betting lines won’t be released weeks in advance, but you can still see how the Redskins measure up against future opponents based on that aforementioned blueprint.

Once the sportsbooks make the lines for those games official, you will already be way ahead of all the other bettors in the decision-making process.

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What Are The Washington Redskins Standings

Here is the Washington Redskins’ current place in the standings. You’ll come to love this page for monitoring their futures potential.  [+]

If the Redskins’ records stand up to those of NFC East, overall NFC or Super Bowl favorites, you’ll know they are worth your time in that specific futures category. If their win totals pale in comparision to known commodities, like the NFC powerhouse Green Bay Packers or perennial Super Bowl contenders New England Patriots, you’ll know it’s a good idea to just steer clear of the Redskins on those particular futures fronts.

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How To Win Washington Redskins Bets

Last season, the Washington Redskins were solid over plays. Their offense ranked in the top 10 of points scored per game, while the defense finished a middling 17th in points allowed per contest. 

That won't be the case this year. The Redskins shored up their defense with the addition of Josh Norman, and they lost a valuable running back in Alfred Morris, who signed with the Dallas Cowboys in free agency.

The offense, to be sure, may still be really good. The Redskins ranked in the top 13 in passing touchdowns, compared to 20th in rushing scores. Relying more on Kirk Cousins' arm may actually be a good thing, especially with a healthy Jordan Reed and DeSean Jackson to catch his passes.

It's the defense that threatens the Redskins' over status. They were 22nd in passing touchdowns allowed, and Norman almost single-handedly ensures they'll jump up a few, if not a bunch, of spots in that deparment. And knowing they ranked in the top 10 of rushing touchdown defense, while also knowing they didn't lose any defensive contributors who would compromise that standing, there's a chance the Redskins end up exponentially better on that side of the ball.

If that's the case, they will be scoring a lot of points while allowing very few. And balanced teams like that—ones who are good in both categories but don't rank inside the top five of either—aren't worth your over/under attention, period.

When it comes to Washington, stick with moneylines and spreads to start the 2016 season.

For now, it's a good idea to avoid the Washington Redskins' NFC Championship and Super Bowl odds. They aren't yet a surefire contender in those circles.

If they are, you won't know until the middle of the season. They need to successfully matchup against other established contenders, such as the Seattle Seahawks or Cincinnati Bengals, for six to eight weeks before asserting that they've made the leap from fringe playoff squad to bona fide championship chaser.

In the meantime, work the weekly fronts. If that doesn't do it for you, try your hand at the Redskins' win totals. 

Most sites have the 2016 Redskins winning fewer games than they did in 2015. The overs and unders are typically set between seven and eight wins. If you're confident in the Redskins offense with Kirk Cousins under center, and if you believe their new-look defense will take steps forward, it's not a bad idea to experiment with the over—so long as it stays below nine wins.

It is also worth taking a look at their division odds. They are the reigning NFC East champions, and while both the New York Giants and Dallas Mavericks loom as threats, neither one of them are locks to run away with the division.

Leading into the 2016 season, many sportsbooks have the Redskins as the third favorite, behind the Giants and Cowboys, but ahead of the transitioning Philadelphia Eagles. Now would be a good time to strike on those odds, since you're looking at +320 or slightly better.

Again, the Redskins aren't sure things. Last season could have been a fluke. But if you believe 2015 was a harbinger of what this team really is, rolling the dice on some modestly priced divisonal bets is a great way for you to whet your Redskins futures whistle without taking any truly unnecessary risks.