No two online betting enthusiasts are the same, but each are worthy of the best sports betting experience. With so many choices, novice bettors can be forgiven for being confused on where to put their hard earned dollars. To help even the field and make online gaming profitable – and fun – we’ve assembled a comprehensive list of betting website reviews that address the most important areas of concern.

What Goes into Our Sportsbook Reviews?

Giving a customer a good sportsbook review starts with knowledge. We searched long and hard to bring together a team of former employees, professional handicappers and industry experts, who have combined their experience, knowledge and direct connections with the biggest books out there. From there we evaluated each website based on certain criteria and then brought it all together to give each a comprehensive score. Only the best scoring websites were worthy of our recommendation.

Direct Communication With Sportsbooks

Like many online industries, sports betting is a “who you know” business. Trust is everything when dealing with such large websites and millions of customer dollars. Our team of industry experts and former managers are considered “good guys” by the biggest sportsbook owners and employees, so when we have a question, they give us the straight stuff. For you, the reader, this means that you get the real deal and not just fluff.


How long have they been in business? Do they cater to U.S. customers? How frequently do they make payouts, and can they be trusted to pay you in a timely manner? These are some of the questions we ask, and the answers we seek from the betting sites that we review. If a site doesn't accept wagers from your location, that's important to know right up front. And there's nothing worse than scoring on a big wager, and then being forced to wait to cash out your winnings.

Bonuses And Promotions

With so many betting sites out there, it can be a bit overwhelming when determining where you want to place your wagers. Every site claims to offer the best bonuses and promotions, but you have to cut through the hype and read the fine print to determine which ones are the best for you. Is there a limit on the bonus? How long is the rollover requirement? What are the restrictions attached the the promotional reward? If it sounds too good to be true, well then it just might be. We look beyond the boasts to find out which offers are the ones that you shouldn't refuse.

Betting Offers

What's your favorite type of wager? Straight bet? Parlay? Do you go for prop bets? Whichever way you choose to place your money, you will want to be certain that the sportsbook of your choice caters to those sorts of wagers. As well, you'll want to find the best odds being offered on these wagers, because as much as it is winning, it's even more fun when you win more.

User Friendliness

There's nothing worse that an unwieldy website. You don't have time to wait for the bet you want to download, and neither do we. A quality web page should be clean and easy to decipher and navigate, and once you've made your choice, you want to get to where you place your bet and get that bet laid down as quickly as possible. We'll tell you which sites will let you do that, and which ones will leave you dazed and confused.