Finishing with a record of 67-95 in 2015, the Braves had one of their worst seasons in franchise history. Though they notched a winning mark at home (42-39), the Braves struggled immensely in games played away from Turner Field. With a rough start to begin 2016 — Atlanta was 9-27 through mid-May — it seems that 2016 might be another year that Braves fans in Georgia and around the country would want to forget. Nontheless, as with any team in the MLB, there are definitely opportunities to make betting on the Braves. The Braves feature some promising young players that stayed even after the firesale prior to the 2015 season.  [+]

During the offseason following the 2014 season, Altanta parted ways with multiple stars their restructured salary cap could not make room for. The Braves traded stars Justin Upton, Jason Heyward, Ervin Santana, Craig Kimbrel and Evan Gattis among others, to rebuild their franchise around younger and more cost-affordable stars. There were some definite growing pains in 2015 as the Braves finished with the third-worst record in the MLB, ahead of only the Phillies and Reds. In the place of the departed stars, Atlanta relied on a much younger rotation of players and a few older veterans. With seasoned bats like Nick Markakis, A.J. Pierzynski and Jeff Francoeur leading the way, the Braves have solid leadership but no big-time names to keep the lineup humming smoothly. 


Best Atlanta Braves Betting Lines

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Atlanta Braves Regular Season Schedule

For an overview of Atlanta’s season and who they are going to play at any point during the year, please refer to the breakout box below to give you an overall feel.


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Atlanta Braves Regular Season Standings

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Online Tips For Atlanta Braves Bettors

If you are thinking about betting on Atlanta, there might be some matchups in 2016 to exploit if the odds against the Braves are high enough.

With it being the last season at Turner Field, the Braves might carry an emotional edge, especially later on in the season. 

Atlanta notched winning records against the Brewers (5-2), Phillies (11-8), Marlins (10-9), and most interestingly, the first-place St. Louis Cardinals (4-2).

So there are definitely some matchups you can find that Atlanta would have the upper-hand in, but those are going to be few, and possibly far between.

The Braves were 6-14 against American League teams in 2015 and also were wrecked by both the dominant Cubs (1-6) and the Nationals (5-14).

Exploit games when the Braves play division rivals like the Phillies or the Marlins. 

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