The Calgary Flames have been rebuilding for the better part of a decade now. The 2013-14 Flames surprised most people in the NHL by not only reaching the playoffs but going one step further and knocking off the Vancouver Canucks in the first round. And, after a disappointing campaign in 2014-15, they’re back contending once again. And they have all the tools to soon be considered as a viable futures Stanley Cup pick.  [+]

A storied franchise, the Calgary Flames won its first and only Stanley Cup in 1989 by beating the Montreal Canadiens in an epic six-game series. Everyone who knows anything about the Flames will remember Lanny McDonald and his notrious mustache. He lifted Lord’s Stanley with such pride, a moment Flames fans will never forget. The 2004 edition of the Calgary Flames was robbed of adding a second Stanley Cup to the trophy cabinet when the would-be winning overtime goal in Game 6 of the finals versus the Tampa Bay Lightning was disallowed. It will forever leave a sour taste in all Flame’s fans mouths. 

The future is bright for this young, skilled set of skaters. Johnny Gaudreau, nicknamed Johnny Hockey, leads this crew of talented youngsters. He plays like the Theoren Fleury of old and makes up what he lacks in size with electrifying pace, silky smooth skills and fantastic agility. 

The Flames are worth a futures bet as Sean Monahan, Mark Giordano and Sam Bennett, Mikael Backlund, Michael Ferland  are a solid enough core to warrant a cup run in three or four years. The Flames are also very good at home and aren’t afraid of playing on the road either. 

Calgary Flames Next Game

Don’t forget to see who the Flames play next but don’t stop there. Analyse the contest with a microscope to see if it’s a wager worth making. A prepared bettor is a good bettor. 

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Calgary Flames Regular Season Schedule

Reference the schedule below to see when the Flames play at home and when they travel on the road. If they’re on the road, be careful of risking money you may not see again.  [+]

Usually solid on home ice, the Flames have the potential to beat any team at the Scotiabank Saddledome. They can score at will and usually defend soundly in front of partisan Flames fans. Just be weary of where the Flames sit in the standings as they might be searching for a better draft pick or at the end of a long road trip.

It’s usually bad news when the Flames play the Ducks in Anaheim as they rarely come out on top. Theser are the kind of stats you’ll want to pay close attention to when fomenting your betting strategy.


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Calgary Flames Standings

The standings tell you so much more than where a team sits in respect to other teams in the league. It offers insights, trends and invaluable data for prospective bets.  [+]

You just need to know where to look. Pay attention to the goals for and against category to help with your over/under bets and reference the Flames’ road record to see how miserable a performance you can expect. The more research you do, the better your chances of a successful bet. 

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Calgary Flames Betting Tips

There's a lot to look forward to in Calgary. They've been saying that for a while now but we truly believe the Flames could be on the verge of something special. With players like Johnny Gaudreau leading the charge, there's no reason to think the Flames won't be Stanley Cup contenders in the next three or four years.

Of course, this is all predicated on the team keeping its core together. If one of skillful youths leave, it would be catastrophic for this impressionable, vulnerable outfit. If, though, they keep their core of players together it will be worth making a futures bet in the next couple of seasons. 

Solid on defense, in goal and on attack, this team are equipped with all of the tools to surprise some people around the league. Brian Elliott and Chad Johsnon offer Calgary a great one-two punch in goal, so long as they maintain their consistency. 

T.J. Brodie, Dougie Hamilton and Mark Giordano lead the Flames blue line, though it's likely the team captain only has a few good years left. Giordano is 33 year old and is coming to the twilight of his excellent NHL career.

The Flames are good enough to start challenging for the Pacific Division crown soon and don't be surprised if you see Calgary and Edmonton atop the standings once again in a year or so, battling it out in meaningful Battles of Alberta once again.

That's something fans of those two teams have been waiting to see for a very long time, almost 30 years if you want to be cruel about it. 

10-Game Metrics

Make sure, when placing a bet on or against the Flames, to take a look at both team's form from the last 10 games. 

You'll want to look at With our Without You, or the Corsi Ratings, when you start to delve more deeply into the analytics. Basically, it determines how well a key player performs with, and without, their linemate. Does it make a big difference if their linemate is missing? In the 2014 case of Phil Kessel and Tyler Bozak, it made a huge difference, as you'll see in the video below:  

Corsi Ratings