The Atlanta Falcons have been on the rise for some time now. They won four games in 2013, six games in 2014, eight in 2015 and 11 in 2016. The Falcons, who ranked a pedestrian 21st in points scored per game in 2015, scored over 33 points per game in 2016, which was the league’s best point-per-game total. They go into Super Bowl LI as three-point underdogs, but nobody is counting out the most prolific offensive unit in the NFL. Matt Ryan was inspirational in the regular season and has continued his dominance in the post-season. 

Best Atlanta Falcons Betting Lines

These are the Atlanta Falcons’ best betting lines all rolled together in one place, allowing you to spend more time on crafting your bets. [+]

Make sure to come back to this page even after you check the Falcons’ initial odds on a given week. Even if you’ve already placed your bet, it’s important to monitor the sportsbooks for any changes to their lines.

Changes happen fairly often, after all. Game odds are published a few days before kickoff. Player injuries and returns, in addition to sportsbooks footing excessive action on one bet or team, can move the lines in a completely opposite direction.

Any tweaks are admittedly marginal on most occasions. But they can impact how you’ll want to bet. If you’ve already placed a wager, staying aware of any potential changes will let you submit another gamble elsewhere if your initial one suddenly doesn’t look good.

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Atlanta Falcons Regular Season Schedule

Welcome to this look at the Atlanta Falcons’ entire regular season schedule. This is a great page for those who like to map out their betting approaches in advance. [+]

Scores of past games give you all the tools necessary to formulate a Falcons blueprint. In those outcomes, you can spot trends and gauge the team’s record in certain situations.

Keep track of how the Falcons play against the spread at home versus on the road. Check out their record against respected defenses compared to when they face top flight offenses. See if they are, in fact, strong under plays as opposed to sound over wagers. Note their records against teams both above and below .500.

Update this information as the season goes on with each passing week, then apply it to the Falcons’ future games. You won’t need official game lines to do this, which is good, because you won’t have them.

All you really have to do is determine the type of team Atlanta is playing (offensive or defensive specialist), find out its strength (over, under, home spreads, road spreads, etc.), take stock of the location (home or away) and you’ll be able to draw conclusions on the outcome before the sportsbooks officially do.

Then, when the lines for that Falcons game are actually released, you’ll have a leg up on just about everyone—sportsbooks and fellow Falcons bettors included.

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What Are The Atlanta Falcons Standings

This is where the Atlanta Falcons currently sit in the standings. Make this page a part of your researching rapport if you’re ready to dabble in NFL futures. [+]

By seeing where the Falcons are located within the NFC South, NFC and NFL at large, you have almost all the information you need to decide whether they’re adequate futures candidates.

If their record holds up against some of the NFC South’s (Carolina Panthers), NFC’s (Green Bay Packers) and NFL’s (Seattle Seahawks) best teams, you’ll know to do further research on their odds in those futures departments.

If their win totals do not stand up against this test in a certain department, you’ll know to avoid that specific category. As a rule of thumb, if a team isn’t in the division conversation, it more likely than not shouldn’t be considered an NFC championship or Super Bowl player, either.

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How To Win Atlanta Falcons Bets

The Falcons gave up the eighth most yards in the league during the 2016 regular season but have saved their best for the playoffs. Buoyed by the strongest offensive unit in the league, the Falcons are poised to try and continue the Super Bowl underdog trend. Underdogs have won five Super Bowls in a row and six of the last eight. 

Unfortunately, the Falcons are going to fall short at the final hurdle. New England are destined to win Super Bowl 51, though it's going to be a high-scoring, tight affair. Both teams have a propensity to score a lot of points and that won't be any different on Super Bowl Sunday. 

Though the Falcons scored a league high 33.8 points per game in the regular season, there defense isn't quite good enough to triumph over a near flawless New England side.

Quarterback Matt Ryan entered the MVP discussion during the regular season and never left. Star wideout Julio Jones, meanwhile, is the best receiver in football.

The attention he draws either doesn’t matter, or it allows Ryan to work the ball to those around him. Not surprisingly, the Falcons rank third in total passing yards and second in touchdowns through the air—despite checking in at 26th in total attempts.

And it’s this latter tidbit that may be the difference. A greater share of the Falcons’ offense is dedicated to running that ball.

That’s what makes their passing attack so effective—this threat of the run. The Patriots are going to neutralize that ground game; it’s just a fact. And that’s going to make life more difficult on Ryan, Jones and the rest of the passing corps.

It's going to be a run-and-gun final, but look for the Patriots to win without covering the spread. 

So, back the Falcons on the spread, as they'll probably end up losing by a field goal. 

Back both teams to break the 59.5 points over/under total for Super Bowl 51. 

Super Bowl LI over under

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