The Celtics franchise reeks of greatness. It’s won a league-high 17 NBA titles — including eight in a row, which is the longest streak among the “Big Four” American sports organizations. Nonetheless, the gold has mostly dried up since 1987. In the three decades since, Boston has raised just one championship banner. 

However, that could quickly change. Simply put, the Celtics are one of the most talent-deep teams in all of the association. Even better, they might possess the best head coach today in Brad Stevens. Since taking the helm in 2013, Stevens has upped his win total every single year. That should continue with this current roster.

Kyrie Irving is undoubtedly the face of the team, and for good reason. A game-winning three-pointer in Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals forever immortalized Irving in basketball lore. Irving is a maestro with a basketball, using his handles to drive toward the basket or kick it out to an open teammate like no one else.

Around Irving is the returning Gordon Hayward. A horrific injury ruined his first season with the Boston, but a healthy Hayward is an All-Star caliber player. Moreover, Jayson Tatum is the league’s next big star. There’s not a superstar trait he lacks. Rounding out the roster is Al Horford, a grizzled veteran who is better than the box score indicates. 

With so much going right for them, Boston is a no-brainer betting option. Not only is their consistent approach a money-maker in the betting world, but they’re also flat-out fun to watch, especially when you have money on them. 

Now that you’re sold on the Celtics, here’s everything you need to know to be successful when betting on them. Below you’ll find up-to-the-minute betting lines, standings, and our expert analysis. Start with this guide before you make a wager. 

Boston Celtics Next Game

Here’s who’s next on the Celtics’ schedule. You’ll also find the most recent betting lines on moneyline and spread. As good as Boston is, that doesn’t mean they’re a lock nightly. This is where you’ll need to do your due diligence on their upcoming opponent. What is their opponent’s strength? What is their weakness? Once you figure that out, you’ll be able to figure out how they match up against the Celtics. If there’s a mismatch — on either side — exploit it with a bet.  

NBA - League 2023-2024
Friday, Dec 01, 202307:30 PM
Philadelphia 76ers@Boston Celtics
NBA - League 2023-2024
Tuesday, Dec 12, 202307:30 PM
Cleveland Cavaliers@Boston Celtics
NBA - League 2023-2024
Thursday, Dec 14, 202307:30 PM
Cleveland Cavaliers@Boston Celtics
Last update on Dec 4, 2023 07:45 AM

Boston Celtics Regular Season Schedule

Boston’s complete 82-game schedule can be found below. It’s no secret that the Eastern Conference — where the Celtics conveniently play — pales in comparison to the West. Use the power imbalance to your advantage, though. Boston plays East teams three or four times compared to two matchups versus West foes. The only East teams that pose a real threat to the C’s is the 76ers, Bucks, and Raptors. Anyone else and you should be extremely confident in Boston’s chances. Use the below schedule to plan ahead. The NBA season is a marathon, not a sprint, and this applies to players and bettors alike.  

Results / FixturesBoston Celtics

Boston Celtics Standings

Like we said, the East is very light. However, there is a logjam at the top. Don’t be surprised if home-field advantage in the postseason comes down to the wire. Whereas it’s almost a given Golden State will come out of the East, there’s no guarantees in the West. Expect a dogfight between Boston, Philly, Milwaukee, and Toronto.

Monitor that race closely in the standings below. It’s here you’ll see who needs a win more badly and who is on cruise control. Motivation levels affect NBA outcomes more than players like to let on. 

StandingsBoston Celtics

The East Runs Through Boston

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The Celtics have finished first or second in the Eastern Conference each of the past two seasons. There's no reason to believe that won't be happening again. 

This predicament makes Boston an obvious futures play. With LeBron James' move out West, the path to the NBA Finals has never been clearer for the C's. Nonetheless, future wagers shouldn't just be reserved for Eastern Conference titles, but NBA championship winners, as well.

Yes, we're implying Boston can beat Golden State. Keyword in the prior sentence is can. Don't go throwing all your money on this futures bet, but a little will go a long way. Celtics, with an imposing defense that can suffocate the Warriors' death lineup, is a good value bet.

Speaking of defense, that's where Boston really thrives. They're consistently ranked near the top of the league in various defensive categories. However, what makes them really special is their ability to adapt to their opponent. Say their opponent has an imposing big, Boston can throw Horford at them. What about a dominant perimeter shooter? Marcus Smart has him covered. 

Before you go ahead and bet the under every game, understand the Celtics can score themselves. Akin to their defensive efforts, versatility sets its offense apart. Players up and down their roster can play multiple positions and styles. 

If the Celtics are matched up against an equally-good defensive team, the under is a good bet to take. But if that team lacks defensive firepower, Boston has the weapons to exploit them. Badly. 

There's no better metric to measure offensive and defensive prowess than efficiency ratings. This advanced stat measures teams per 100 possessions and is an overall better metric than per-game averages. Study these closely for Boston and its opponent when making over/under plays.  

One last piece of advice, but it's a crucial one. Injuries have derailed Boston's hopes more than anything in recent memory. We already mentioned Hayward's season-ending injury — in the season opener, no less — but Irving has an extensive injury history, too. He's missed two playoff runs in the last four seasons alone. If either one goes down again, or another big contributor, that could undo the Celtics more than any opponent. All things considered, monitor the injury report closely.     

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