Online Sports Betting

Sports, in their different forms, have been around since the start of time. And we’re firm believers that sports make the world go round. Watching, and betting on, sports is irrefutably the best entertainment around. The unexpected can always happen, which has the potential of making bookmakers look silly while you reap the rewards of a courageous, yet intellegent bet. Whether you like betting on football, baseball, hockey, soccer or the many others options at your disposal, we’re here to make your betting life as simple as humanly possible. 

How To Bet On Sports

Sports bettors love placing a wager, and we love nothing more than helping ensure you place the smart bet. Our esteemed and highly touted experts are here to show you the ropes, explaining which bet type to place in different scenarios and what team, depending on the situation, is best to back. We want you to get the best bang for your buck so come along for the sports betting ride of a lifetime.  

As you can see below, we cover all professional sports worth placing a wager on. Providing up to date game odds, standings and schedules, we enable bettors the tools necessary to thrive in an exciting and competitive sports betting world. 

Sports Betting 101

Why bet on sports, you ask? Well, we ask why not bet on sports? The players in the games you watch have a stake in the outcome. As much as you enjoy a good game, imagine the sensation that would overcome you during and after a game in which you also carried a stake in the result? Betting on sports only helps to ramp up the intensity and inject even more passion into the games you most move. And we're here to help you along every step of that journey.

Once you've made the decision to wager on sports, you're going to need to find a place to place your bets, either at a facility that offers legalized sports betting, or via one of the many online gaming sites. But before you get to the point where you are ready to make that wager, if you want to be a savvy bettor, you are going to need to comprehend the fundamentals of betting on sports. You wouldn't show up for a driving test without ever having sat behind the wheel of a car, now would you?

Types Of Bets

Just as in baseball there are a number of ways to reach base safely - via a hit, a walk, or by being hit by a pitch - there are also a number of methods through which you can wager on a sporting event. For starters, in the betting line on every game there will be a favorite and an underdog. The return from a wager on an underdog will be higher than that of a favorite, because oddsmakers have determined it more likely that the favorite will emerge victorious. But that's just the start of the smorgasboard of wagering options available. 


This is the most common form of betting on sports. When you see a line on a game, you will see two numbers, one next to each team. The favorite will be assigned a negative number and the underdog a positive number. This is based on the return on a $100 wager. Look at the line posted below from a baseball game between the Los Angeles Angels and Oakland Athletics. 


The Angels are favored and the moneyline on them is -125, meaning that to win $100 on the Angels, you would need to wager $125. The A's are listed at +105 in the moneyline, so if you wagered $100 on Oakland and they win the game, your return would be $105.


Also referred to as the over/under, this is a method of wagering on the game in which you bet on the combined score between the two teams. Again, looking at the Angels-Athletics line, you will see that the bookmakers have established a total for the game of 8.5 runs. If you play the over on the wager, you are betting that the two teams will combine to score more than 8.5 runs. Should you play the under, then you are wagering that the combined score will be less than 8.5.

Run Line/Puck Line

A wager that again has to do with the final score of the game and which team will win the game. It's called a run line in baseball and a puck line in hockey, but it is basically same bet. You are either getting or giving away 1.5 goals or runs, depending upon which team you wager. If you play the favorite, then they must win the game by a margin greater than 1.5.

In the case of the above game, the Angels are listed at -1.5, so they are the favorites and would need to win by two in order for you to cash your ticket. But if you were to bet on Oakland, you'd be winner if the A's won outright, or if Oakland were to lose by only a run.

Point Spread Wagering

A football bet, this wager originated in the middle of the last century as a method of helping balance betting between favorites and underdogs. Say the Pittsburgh Steelers are playing the Detroit Lions and the Steelers are listed as -8. That means they are the favorites and if you bet them to win, they must do so by more than eight points. Were you to choose to bet the Lions, you would cash a winning ticket if the Lions were to win the game outright, or lose the game by a margin of seven points or less.

Parlay Betting

A very popular wager, the parlay offers a far greater potential for return on a smaller investment, but it also comes with greater risk attached to it. With a parlay wager, you are required to correctly pick the winners of at a minimum of three games. The more games you add to your parlay, the larger the potential winfall. But as you add more games, the odds of you winning decrease significantly. But for those who don't have a large wad of cash to put down on a single game, the parlay offers the chance for the smaller bettor to score big.

Live Betting

Also known as in play betting, this is a relatively new form of wagering that has evolved as people's desire for action on games increases. As the name implies, this allows you to place wagers which a game is in progress and offers numerous betting options. You might bet on which team will score next, or even which player will do the scoring. Or, if you've wagered on the game and the team you've backed is losing, you can always lay a wager on the other team during the game to try and recoup your losses or perhaps break even.

Where To Bet On Sports

So you're fully armed and know what sport and team you want to bet on. The only thing left is knowing which sportsbook to entrust with your hard-earned money. Below is a list of the best sportsbooks. Make no mistake, these sportsbooks are reliable, secure and excited about having you aboard.