How To Bet On Montreal Canadiens

Having won 24 Stanley Cups, the Montreal Canadiens are easily the most decorated NHL franchise. Only trailing the New York Yankees by three trophies, the Canadiens could arguably be considered the most successful sports franchise in the world. It’s been over 20 years since they last won hockey’s holy grail and, unfortunately for Habs fans, the wait looks like it’s going to carry on. A lot of their success depends on Carey Price, who is the backbone of the current Habs outfit.  [+]

Founded in 1909, the Montreal Canadiens are part of the Original six NHL teams. Habs supporters won’t be pleased with the team’s Stanley Cup drought, which goes back over 20 years to when they beat the Los Angeles Kings in the 1994 finals. 

Montreal Canadiens Next Game

We can’t stress enough how important it is to pay close attention the Habs next game. And we don’t just mean on a superficial level. You want to analyze all the data to make the best bet. [+]

Have a look at their home record, find out if they’ve been successful in recent encounters with the opposing team. Are the Habs on a hot streak at home or having trouble finding the goal on the road. All of these statistics are crucial to ensuring you’re making the right wager at the most opportune time. 

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Montreal Canadiens Regular Season Schedule

The Montreal Canadiens’ regular season schedule is a great reference point to plan ahead. Have a look down the line to see where you think the Habs might go hot or cold.  [+]

By doing all of the legwork, you’ll be on the right track to coming up with a betting strategy that works for you. There’s no right or wrong way to analyze the Hab’s season schedule as long as you actually do it. You’ll notice your winning percentage rise remarkably if you put in the required effort. 

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Montreal Canadiens Standings

While the Habs haven’t been a Stanley Cup contender in a long time, it’s still important for a variety of reasons to stay in touch with where they sit in the standings.

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Montreal Canadiens Betting Tips

The Montreal Canadiens owe a lot of their success to Carey Price. For the Habs to be successful their offensive production needs to improve and, of course, Hart Trophy winner Price needs to stay healthy. But they have improved significantly from the 2015-16 season. Scoring more goals, the Habs are a middle-of-the-pack team in terms of offensive production. 

Led by Max Pacioretty and Brendan Gallagher, the Habs score enough goals to win games. Montreal also plays in one of the league’s weakest divisions, helping their playoff plight. The Atlantic Division, however, is home to some of the most intense rivalries in the NHL

Make sure you look at how the Habs perform against their division rivals as it will determine where they finish in the standings. Almost half of their games are played against division opponents, including six against the Senators, Leafs and Bruins. Dig into historical records, find their recent form against these bitter rivals so you’re not caught with your pants down.

As you’d expect with Price between the pipes, the Habs have one of the most stingy defenses. Shea Weber, acquired from the Predators for P.K. Subban, leads the Habs’ rough-and-tumble defensive core. He solidifies things at the back and is a perfect fit for the Canadiens’ tight-checking system. Subban had a bit too much flair, and wasn’t responsible enough in his own end for the Habs’ top brass.

The Habs are solid both at home and away so it’s probably a good idea to find ideal matchups when they’re on the road. The returns will be greater and they have just as much chance of winning in hostile environments. Don’t back the Habs when it comes to the futures market as they’re just not good enough to win the Cup. That is unless Price puts the team on his shoulders for the duration of the postseason, which is entirely possible.