How To Bet On Montreal Canadiens

Having won 24 Stanley Cups, the Montreal Canadiens are easily the most decorated NHL franchise. Only the New York Yankees, with 27 World Series titles, have won more championship trophies than the Canadiens, who once could arguably be considered the most successful sports franchise in the world. But it's been 25 years since they last won hockey's Holy Grail with a 1993 triumph over the Los Angeles Kings and, unfortunately for Habs fans, the wait looks like it's going to carry on. 

Founded in 1909, the Canadiens are an original NHL team. They are the only team that was part of the NHL's first season in 1917-18 that has maintained continuous membership in the league and never undergone a name change. The Canadiens won an NHL-record five straight Stanley Cups from 1956-60, and they also won four Cups in a row from 1976-79. Between the 1910s and 1990s, Montreal won the Stanley Cup at least once in every decade.

Montreal Canadiens Next Game

We can't stress enough how important it is to pay close attention the Habs' next game. And we don't just mean on a superficial level. You want to analyze all the data to make the best bet.

Have a look at their home record, to find out if they've been successful in recent encounters with the opposing team. Montreal's Bell Centre is considered to be among the tougher buildings in the NHL for a road team to win and in fact, the Canadiens have endured just two losing seasons at home since 1940. 

Are the Habs on a hot streak at home or having trouble finding the goal on the road? All of these statistics are crucial to ensuring you're making the right wager at the most opportune time. 

Thursday, Oct 24 19:00 EDT
San Jose Sharks
Montreal Canadiens

The Montreal Canadiens' regular-season schedule is a great reference point to plan ahead. Have a look down the line to see where you think the Habs might go hot or cold. By doing all of the legwork, you'll be on the right track to coming up with a betting strategy that works for you. There's no right or wrong way to analyze the Habs' season schedule, as long as you actually put in the time and effort to make the proper calcuations. You'll notice your winning percentage rise remarkably if you put in the required diligence.

Is Montreal's next opponent a high-scoring team, and might an over bet on the total be in order? Are the Canadiens or their opposition playing the second game of back to backs, and could possibily be tired and looking to deploy their back-up goalie? Maybe the Habs are at the end of a long road trip, or perhaps catching a visiting team in a similar predicament? All of these factors should be examined and weighed before a wager is placed on a Canadiens game.

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Competitions Away Score Home Money Line
September 2019 (7)
Mon 16 Devils 2 - 4 Habs +145 -175
Wed 18 Florida Panthers 3 - 4 Habs -130 +110
Thu 19 Florida Panthers 4 - 4 Habs +140 -154
Sat 21 Habs 4 - 0 Ottawa Senators -105 -105
Mon 23 Leafs 3 - 0 Habs +180 -213
Wed 25 Habs 0 - 3 Leafs +180 -208
Sat 28 Ottawa Senators 3 - 4 Habs +160 -182
October 2019 (13)
Thu 3 Reg. MD1 Habs 3 - 3 Canes +140 -161
Sat 5 Reg. MD1 Habs 19:00 Leafs
Wed 9 Reg. MD2 Habs 19:00 Buffalo Sabres
Thu 10 Reg. MD2 Red Wings 19:00 Habs
Sat 12 Reg. MD2 St. Louis Blues 19:00 Habs
Tue 15 Reg. MD3 Lightning 19:00 Habs
Thu 17 Reg. MD3 Minnesota Wild 19:00 Habs
Sat 19 Reg. MD3 Habs 15:00 St. Louis Blues
Sun 20 Reg. MD3 Habs 17:00 Minnesota Wild
Thu 24 Reg. MD4 San Jose Sharks 19:00 Habs
Sat 26 Reg. MD4 Leafs 19:00 Habs
Wed 30 Reg. MD5 Habs 22:00 Arizona Coyotes
Thu 31 Reg. MD5 Habs 22:00 Knights
November 2019 (13)
Sat 2 Reg. MD5 Habs 19:00 Dallas Stars
Tue 5 Reg. MD6 Boston Bruins 19:30 Habs
Thu 7 Reg. MD6 Habs 19:00 Flyers
Sat 9 Reg. MD6 Kings 19:00 Habs
Tue 12 Reg. MD7 Jackets 19:00 Habs
Fri 15 Reg. MD7 Habs 19:00 Caps
Sat 16 Reg. MD7 Devils 19:00 Habs
Tue 19 Reg. MD8 Habs 19:00 Jackets
Wed 20 Reg. MD8 Ottawa Senators 19:30 Habs
Sat 23 Reg. MD8 Rangers 19:00 Habs
Tue 26 Reg. MD9 Boston Bruins 19:00 Habs
Thu 28 Reg. MD9 Devils 19:30 Habs
Sat 30 Reg. MD9 Flyers 15:00 Habs
December 2019 (14)
Sun 1 Reg. MD9 Habs 19:00 Boston Bruins
Tue 3 Reg. MD10 Isles 19:00 Habs
Thu 5 Reg. MD10 Avs 19:00 Habs
Fri 6 Reg. MD10 Habs 19:00 Rangers
Tue 10 Reg. MD11 Habs 19:00 Pens
Wed 11 Reg. MD11 Ottawa Senators 19:30 Habs
Sat 14 Reg. MD11 Red Wings 19:00 Habs
Tue 17 Reg. MD12 Habs 22:00 Canucks
Thu 19 Reg. MD12 Habs 21:00 Calgary Flames
Sat 21 Reg. MD12 Habs 19:00 Edmonton Oilers
Mon 23 Reg. MD13 Habs 20:00 Winnipeg Jets
Sat 28 Reg. MD13 Habs 19:00 Lightning
Sun 29 Reg. MD13 Habs 19:00 Florida Panthers
Tue 31 Reg. MD14 Habs 19:00 Canes
January 2020 (12)
Thu 2 Reg. MD14 Lightning 19:00 Habs
Sat 4 Reg. MD14 Pens 19:00 Habs
Mon 6 Reg. MD15 Winnipeg Jets 19:00 Habs
Tue 7 Reg. MD15 Habs 19:30 Red Wings
Thu 9 Reg. MD15 Edmonton Oilers 19:00 Habs
Sat 11 Reg. MD15 Habs 19:00 Ottawa Senators
Mon 13 Reg. MD16 Calgary Flames 19:00 Habs
Wed 15 Reg. MD16 Hawks 19:30 Habs
Thu 16 Reg. MD16 Habs 19:00 Flyers
Sat 18 Reg. MD16 Knights 19:00 Habs
Mon 27 Reg. MD18 Caps 19:00 Habs
Thu 30 Reg. MD18 Habs 19:00 Buffalo Sabres
February 2020 (15)
Sat 1 Reg. MD18 Florida Panthers 14:00 Habs
Sun 2 Reg. MD18 Jackets 14:00 Habs
Tue 4 Reg. MD19 Habs 19:00 Devils
Thu 6 Reg. MD19 Anaheim Ducks 19:00 Habs
Sat 8 Reg. MD19 Leafs 19:00 Habs
Mon 10 Reg. MD20 Arizona Coyotes 19:00 Habs
Wed 12 Reg. MD20 Habs 19:30 Boston Bruins
Fri 14 Reg. MD20 Habs 19:00 Pens
Sat 15 Reg. MD20 Dallas Stars 19:00 Habs
Tue 18 Reg. MD21 Habs 19:30 Red Wings
Thu 20 Reg. MD21 Habs 19:00 Caps
Sat 22 Reg. MD21 Habs 19:00 Ottawa Senators
Tue 25 Reg. MD22 Canucks 19:00 Habs
Thu 27 Reg. MD22 Rangers 19:00 Habs
Sat 29 Reg. MD22 Canes 19:00 Habs
March 2020 (13)
Tue 3 Reg. MD23 Habs 19:00 Isles
Thu 5 Reg. MD23 Habs 19:00 Lightning
Sat 7 Reg. MD23 Habs 19:00 Florida Panthers
Tue 10 Reg. MD24 Preds 19:00 Habs
Thu 12 Reg. MD24 Buffalo Sabres 19:00 Habs
Sun 15 Reg. MD24 Habs 16:00 Anaheim Ducks
Tue 17 Reg. MD25 Habs 22:30 Kings
Thu 19 Reg. MD25 Habs 22:30 San Jose Sharks
Sat 21 Reg. MD25 Habs 19:00 Avs
Tue 24 Reg. MD26 Buffalo Sabres 19:00 Habs
Thu 26 Reg. MD26 Florida Panthers 19:00 Habs
Sat 28 Reg. MD26 Isles 19:00 Habs
Tue 31 Reg. MD27 Habs 20:30 Hawks
April 2020 (2)
Wed 1 Reg. MD27 Habs 20:00 Preds
Sat 4 Reg. MD27 Habs 19:00 Leafs

Montreal Canadiens Standings

While the Habs haven't been a Stanley Cup contender in a long time, it's still important for a variety of reasons to stay in touch with where they sit in the standings. The NHL's Atlantic Division houses four of the league's so-called "Original Six" teams - dubbed this because they were the six NHL teams in existence when the league doubled in size from six to 12 teams.

What that means from a wagering standpoint is that you can count on plenty of old-school rivalry games in the Atlantic Division, when form charts often go out the window. That includes the NHL's most storied rivalry, the Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs, who have been butting heads since 1917, the NHL's first season. The Canadiens and Boston Bruins have been doing battle since 1924, and no two NHL teams have clashed more often in Stanley Cup action. Montreal and Detroit first met on the NHL ice in 1926. 

StandingsMontreal Canadiens

Montreal Canadiens Betting Tips 

The Montreal Canadiens owe a lot of their success over the years to spectacular goaltending, a tradition currently being carried on by Carey Price. Price is one of a trio of Montreal goalies to have won the Hart Trophy, joining Jose Theodore and Jacques Plante. Montreal's history of legendary netminders extends all the way back to Day One of the NHL, when Georges Vezina held forth between the pipes.

George Hainsworth followed Vezina, winning the first three Vezina Trophies. In the 1940s, Bill Durnan won six Vezinas between 1944-50. In the 1950s, Plante won five Vezinas in a row from 1956-60. Gump Worsley and Rogie Vachon engineered four Stanley Cup wins in five years between 1965-69. Ken Dryden followed in the 1970s with five Cups and five Vezinas, and in the 1980s and '90s. Patrick Roy won a pair of Cups and a trio of Vezinas.

The Tradition Continues

Founded in 1909, no NHL team cherishes and draws upon its history as much as the Canadiens do. Montreal is the only NHL team whose all-time leading goal scorer - Maurice (Rocket) Richard - played his entire career in the six-team NHL. The trophy for the NHL's leading goal scorer is named in his honor, just as the award for the top goalie recognizes Vezina. The Canadiens have appeared in the most Stanley Cup finals (33) and the most consecutive Cup final series (10), and the most years in the playoffs (83).

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Montreal won a record 10 overtime games during the 1993 playoffs. Montreal forward Henri Richard won a record 11 Stanley Cups as a player. Former Canadiens defenseman Chris Chelios (266) holds the record for most Stanley Cup games played, and Roy owns the mark for most Stanley Cup games played by a goalie.