How To Bet On Pittsburgh Pirates

In 2015, the Pirates were one of the top teams in the National League. Pittsburgh finished the season with a 98-64 record and clinched their third consecutive playoff berth in the process. However, the postseason run for the Bucs was cut short as they were knocked off by division rival Chicago in the NL Wild Card game. Nonetheless, the Pirates have been able to establish a solid core of players and have given themselves a great chance to contend in the toughest division in baseball -- the NL Central. [+]

Surrounded by the likes of the St. Louis Cardinals (100+ wins in 2015) and potential World Series favorite in Chicago, Pittsburgh has to do all it can to make a run and that starts with outfielder Andrew McCutchen. 


Best Pittsburgh Pirates Betting Lines

One of the first options you want to check out is who the Pirates are playing next and the tool below will have you covered with the most updated betting lines and matchups. [+]

This breakout box will outline not only Pittsburgh's next opponent, but also any basic odds that you would need to give you a better handle on what the matchup is favoring. 

Touch base with this option daily as it is subject to change for each matchup that the Pirates will play this season. 

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Pittsburgh Pirates Regular Season Schedule

The tool below will be able to upate you with each game as the Pirates progress throuhout the season. Similiar to the next game tool above, this option is one you want to check daily.  [+]

With the calendar function you can find out the last time Pittsburgh played a particular opponent in 2016 and also who they have been playing well against in that particular year. 

While it is not as important to see which odds shift daily, it will still give you a better overview of how the season has been shaping up as a whole for the Pirates and what kind of momentum they have. 


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Pittsburgh Pirates Regular Season Standings

For any questions regarding where the Pirates fit in the National League and also in the NL Central, the standings breakout below will have you covered. 

This tool will lay out each team in the NL and what their current records are at any point during the season.

For each wager you make throughout the year, this is very important to check with before laying your money down.

This will give you a clear idea of how Pittsburgh has been performing in relation to the entire NL and down the home stretch to the playoffs. 

# team P W L p+ p- %
1 Los Angeles Dodgers Los Angeles Dodgers 62 43 19 338 233 0.694
2 Minnesota Twins Minnesota Twins 59 40 19 349 243 0.678
3 Houston Astros Houston Astros 62 42 20 324 217 0.677
4 New York Yankees New York Yankees 59 38 21 313 238 0.644
5 Tampa Bay Rays Tampa Bay Rays 58 35 23 273 198 0.603
6 Chicago Cubs Chicago Cubs 59 33 26 308 252 0.559
7 Philadelphia Phillies Philadelphia Phillies 61 34 27 298 280 0.557
8 Milwaukee Brewers Milwaukee Brewers 61 34 27 304 302 0.557
9 Atlanta Braves Atlanta Braves 60 33 27 303 288 0.550
10 Colorado Rockies Colorado Rockies 59 31 28 320 309 0.525
11 Boston Red Sox Boston Red Sox 60 31 29 323 287 0.517
12 Texas Rangers Texas Rangers 58 30 28 334 308 0.517
13 St. Louis Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals 59 30 29 284 268 0.508
14 San Diego Padres San Diego Padres 61 31 30 246 271 0.508
15 Oakland Athletics Oakland Athletics 60 30 30 289 265 0.500
16 Cleveland Indians Cleveland Indians 60 30 30 239 252 0.500
17 Arizona Diamondbacks Arizona Diamondbacks 62 30 32 317 280 0.484
18 Chicago White Sox Chicago White Sox 60 29 31 257 304 0.483
19 Los Angeles Angels Los Angeles Angels 61 29 32 303 305 0.475
20 Pittsburgh Pirates Pittsburgh Pirates 59 28 31 250 325 0.475
21 Cincinnati Reds Cincinnati Reds 60 28 32 265 226 0.467
22 New York Mets New York Mets 60 28 32 273 300 0.467
23 Washington Nationals Washington Nationals 60 27 33 287 303 0.450
24 San Francisco Giants San Francisco Giants 59 25 34 233 303 0.424
25 Detroit Tigers Detroit Tigers 57 23 34 207 300 0.404
26 Seattle Mariners Seattle Mariners 64 25 39 316 395 0.391
27 Miami Marlins Miami Marlins 58 22 36 205 263 0.379
28 Toronto Blue Jays Toronto Blue Jays 60 22 38 225 289 0.367
29 Kansas City Royals Kansas City Royals 60 19 41 259 318 0.317
30 Baltimore Orioles Baltimore Orioles 60 19 41 250 370 0.317

Online Tips For Pittsburgh Pirates Bettors

McCutchen is the clear-cut leader of the Pirates and has been a major part of them going from doormat to contender. The NL MVP in 2013 and a five-time All-Star from 2011-15, McCutchen has not only been one of the best players for the Pirates since the 2010's started, but also in the entire MLB.

McCutchen led the Pirates in batting average (.292), RBIs (96) and also played nearly the entire season at 157 games played.

He is the rock of the hitting rotation, but he will get some of the load taken off him in 2016 thanks to the maturation of Starling Marte. The leftfielder had his best season to date and was awarded his first Gold Glove to cap off 2015. 

Beyond McCutchen and Marte, the Pirates have a couple other players that can play at an All-Star level. Of the four All-Stars that Pittsburgh had in 2015, one of them was their ace, Gerrit Cole who had a breakout year.

Cole notched a 19-8 record and was named to his first All-Star and was tabbed as the NL Pitcher of the Month in April 2015. Beyond Cole, the Pirates will have to find some new faces to pick up the slack left by veteran A.J. Burnett who retired last season. However, Pittsburgh will still retain the services of closer Mark Melancon who was the NL saves leader in 2015 with 51.

With the Cubs establishing themselves as the dominant leader to start the 2016 season, the Pirates will have their work cut out for them in fending off both them and St. Louis. 

With one of the strongest surges to close the season -- the Pirates went 19-8 in August and 15-10 in September -- Pittsburgh was one of the best teams in baseball following the All-Star break. In terms of how they matched up against the other teams in the NL Central, the results weren't as positive. The Bucs registered a losing record against each team in the division, but they did outscore both the Cardinals and Brewers over the entirety of the 2015 season. While this shouldn't too big of a cause for concern, it should be noted that the Pirates need to be more consistent in 2016 if they want to be the big dog of the NL Central.

As for the rest of the league, the Pirates dominated both the NL West (27-6) and NL East (24-9). They even were an undefeated 6-0 against the eventual NLCS champions, the New York Mets. In fact, the only teams that Pittsburgh registered losing marks against, aside from their division, were the World Series champion Royals (1-2) and the Washington Nationals (3-4). While the Pirates are by no means a perfect team, they are certainly one of the stronger ballclubs in the NL. 

Also another player to watch when starting for the Pirates is pitcher Francisco Liriano. The two-time Comebacl Player of the Year (2010 in the AL and 2013 in the NL), Liriano went 12-7 in 2015. He could be relied on even more heavily with the departure of Burnett and if his body holds up, could be one of the better starting pitching options in baseball. 

With all that information in tow, one of the last things to need to check is the breakout table below for the best betting option for you. This tool will point to the best outlet and wagering price for whatever you are looking for. 

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