What do you get when you cross years of planning for Kevin Durant’s free agency with minimal roster change? The Washington Wizards, who remain, even now, one of the more opaque NBA betting options. The Wizards can be valuable in the sense they’re better than their record suggests, which paves the way for some semi-opulent underdog moneyline plays that pad your sportsbook purse. But you have to understand the makeup of their roster and the way they’re trying to play before making any substantive bets.

Washington Wizards Next Game

This is the place to keep track of the Wizards’ next game. It sounds simple, and it is, but isolating matchups and opponents enables you to make more in-depth decisions. And in-depth decisions are almost always the recipe to success at the sportsbooks!

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Washington Wizards Regular Season Schedule

This is your one-stop shop for the Wizards’ regular-season schedule. Individual games should command more of your attention as they near, but it’s always good to have a road map to the future. Feel free to suss out what you think are favorable matchups and do some research on those prospective tilts early. It will make your game-day decision a breeze!

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Washington Wizards Standings

There is obvious value in knowing how the Wizards stack up against the rest of the Eastern Conference. You need to be aware of where they stand, inside or outside, the playoff bracket, and team records provide a nice, albeit cursory, glance at which squads are performing better than others. [+]

Additional looks into team play styles, recent hot and cold streaks, etc. are necessary to maximize your returns, but you won’t find a more convenient summary of the Wizards’ season than these standings.

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Pay Attention to Washington's Late-Season Pushes

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The Wizards are in many ways an end-of-the-year team. We've seen it in the past, the way they come on just in time for the playoffs. This is extremely valuable intelligence as you decide whether to bet in favor or against their postseason chances.

Head coach Randy Wittman has the Wizards running smaller, and the offense is tightly tethered to John Wall's playmaking abilities. It's dangerous to depend so heavily on one player, but Wall is on the front end of his prime and, not unlike LeBron James, is a different animal in the playoffs.

If the Wizards earn a playoff nod, they're a threat to beat anyone, even the Cleveland Cavaliers. So don't hesitate to at least consider their conference chances ahead of the playoffs. There is a level of risk involved when they're displaced outside the immediate postseason picture, but their roster, right down to the addition of Markieff Morris, is too talented to ignore. 

And if they sidle into the postseason as anything other than the eighth seed, a distinct possibility, they become that much more appealing. Bradley Beal and Wall measure up to any other duo in the East outside Cleveland, and the postseason's slow-paced atmosphere can play to the Wizards' advantage if they, unlike some other teams, are able to sustain their high-octane speed.