How To Bet On Pittsburgh Penguins

One of the most beloved teams in the history of the National Hockey League, the Penguins are extremely recognizable, even to the average fan. Spearheaded by two of the top players to lace up skates — Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin — the Pens are a team that is a mainstay in the Metropolitan Division. They won their fourth Stanley Cup in franchise history in 2015-16, establishing how dangerous a team they still are. 

Pittsburgh Penguins Next Game

With their lofty perch usually near the top of the Metropolitan Division, the Penguins usually have a target on their back thanks to their stars and success in recent years.  [+]

The Penguins should be monitored closelsy, since it’s imperative they match up well with their division or Eastern Conference rivals. Understanding divisional matchups is the key to successfully stringing together a streak of wins. 

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Pittsburgh Penguins Regular Season Schedule

Being mindful of the Penguins’ schedule can give you a huge lift in making sure your bets are successful. Keeping one eye on their schedule will help spare a lot of future heartache.  [+]

Delving deeper into the numbers and monitoring how well the team has been playing in recent matchups can give you a much better idea about how well the team is currently playing. For example, if the team is on a long road swing, they are most likely a lot more tired than they would be during an initial home stand. 

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Pittsburgh Penguins Standings

As a member of the Metropolitan Division, the Penguins have to deal with a slew of rivals from the New York Rangers to the Philadelphia Flyers. By keeping in mind the status of the division leaders you can find an opportune time to place your wager. [+]

For example, if a team is consistently in the cellar, then they would theoretically have less to play for than a team that is in the thick of the playoff hunt and thus the team fighting for its playoff rights would be an ideal wager.  


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Pittsburgh Penguins Betting Tips

With one of the most respected lineups in the league, the Penguins are in the upper tier of the NHL and, as long as they suit up  their veteran core of Malkin and Crosby, can never be counted out, as they proved in 2015-16, rolling to a Stanley Cup title after sputtering through a comparatively pedestrian regular season.

For that reason, the Penguins can prove to be a difficult team to wager on. With Crosby, Malking and goal-scorer deluxe Phil Kessel all on separate forward lines, they are capable of producing goals in bunches, but their defense isn’t the deepest in the league, so it’s also not uncommon to find the Penguins fishing plenty of pucks out of their own net on a given night. 

But let’s make one thing crystal clear. The Pens are incredibly proficient on home ice. They don’t lose often in Pittsburgh so keep that in mind when formulating your betting strategy.