How To Bet On New Orleans Saints

It has not been easy to bet on the New Orleans Saints over the last two seasons. They have been painted as underachievers, and rightly so. They have collected just seven wins in each of the last two season, even though, on paper, they’ve looked perhaps like a nine or 10 win squad. Unfortunately for NFL bettors, the immediate future isn’t any less ambiguous. Quarterback Drew Brees, the cornerstone for this franchise, is now 37 years old, his prime most years already behind him. [+]

Although he is more than capable of steering a top seven attack, the days of him alone ferrying the offense and vaulting a middling Saints team into NFC and Super Bowl contention are over.

New Orleans hasn’t done enough to address this issue. In fact, it’s basically done the opposite.

Some of Brees’ best offensive weapons (like Jimmy Graham) have been traded away, and the Saints’ receiving corps isn’t especially strong anymore. The defense, meanwhile, remains imperfect. New defensive coordinator Dennis Allen should help a bit, but the Saints didn’t add any important acquisitions on that side of the ball via free agency.

Could that be a problem? Are the Saints merely single game plays now? Or are they viable NFC South, NFC championship and/or Super Bowl candidates?  

Best New Orleans Saints Betting Lines

Browse through the New Orleans Saints’ best betting lines here. We have the most favorable odds consolidated into this one page so that you can focus most of your energy on betting. [+]

Remember to view these lines multiple times if you don’t make your bet right away. Game odds change quite frequently in the NFL because they’re usually published days in advance.

Check back here to make sure an injury or unexpectedly heavy action on one team or bet hasn’t changed the numbers. This ensures you’ll never want for the most accurate information, which is imperative to making a successful bet.

My Team's Next MatchNew Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints Regular Season Schedule

Peruse the New Orleans Saints entire regular season schedule. Its function is obvious but also invaluable. [+]

By looking back at past scores and the outcomes of previous games, you can help spot betting trends that will help you with all future single game matchups.

Check out the Saints’ record against the spread when playing at home. Then see what it is when they travel on the road. Find out whether they are still covering the over consistently enough. Keep tabs on their record against NFC South rivals. Study their record against above average offenses and top notch defenses.

Next, you’ll want to move ahead in the schedule and throw these findings at future games. You won’t have lines to work with, but you can see what kind of team the Saints are playing (offensive or defensive specialists), where they’re playing them (home or away) and craft your bet before the odds are actually released.

When they game lines do go live, you’ll have no qualms about making a quick and accurate decision at the sportsbook.

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What Are The New Orleans Saints Standings

All futures bettors should pay attention to the New Orleans Saints place in the standings, which can be found below. [+]

Seeing how the Saints’ record stacks up against those of NFC South, NFC or overall NFL juggernauts is a key part of figuring out whether their odds in those departments are worth your money. If their win total holds up in either of those categories, you can basically view them as sound futures investments.

If you’ve already made a futures wager only to find out the Saints are tracking in the completely opposite direction, this look at the standings will at least alert you to your folly, at which point you can regroup and craft a different wager on another team if you please.

StandingsNew Orleans Saints

How To Win New Orleans Saints Bets

Given that the New Orleans Saints haven’t done enough to improve their defense, they remain strong over plays.

The Saints ranked dead last among all 32 NFL teams in points allowed per game for the 2015 season. You can count on them improving if only because there’s nowhere to go but up. Since they haven’t picked up anyone who truly changes their defensive fortunes, though, it’s also safe to assume they’ll once again reside in the bottom seven, bottom five or worse in points allowed per game.

The offense shouldn’t suffer from any such setbacks. The Saints’ top receiver is now Brandin Cooks, but both he and No. 2 wideout Willie Snead should be enough for Drew Brees to continue putting up big numbers.

New Orleans’ three-headed monster in the backfield will take care of the rest. Tim Hightower, Mark Ingram and C.J. Spiller make for one heck of a running back rotation—a group that can diminish the amount of pressure on Brees to deliver three touchdown outings every week.

Last season saw the Saints finish eighth in points scored per game. They should be around the same spot looking ahead. Combine that with their still crappy defense, and this is a no-brainer.

Aggressively use the Saints as weekly over plays–provided they aren’t squaring off against a top five defense.

Effectively betting on the New Orleans Saints is going to involve taking some risks.

Yes, they are single matchup plays. And yes, they are strong over options. But they are also a team ostensibly on the fringes of something bigger–mostly because of their offense.

That the Saints carved out seven victories with a league worst defense is actually impressive. The offense put them in position to flirt with a .500 record. Had a few different possessions gone their way late in a couple fourth quarters, we might even be talking about a nine win squad right now. Ten wins wouldn’t even be out of the question. That’s how good, and efficient, their offense is, even with an aging Drew Brees running the show.

If the Saints improve their defense even slightly, their potent ground and air attack could thrust them into the NFC championship and Super Bowl conversation. It will be as super long shots, make no mistake. But that’s part of the appeal.

So if you are looking for a futures bet with an obscenely lucrative return, the Saints are it. You’ll have to lay down a sum of money you’ll comfortable with losing, as is the case with all pipe dream bets, but they are certainly worth a flier in that situation.

Feel free to do the same with the over and under totals on their wins.

After rattling off seven victories and making minimal upgrades to the roster, sportsbooks that peg them as a seven or eight win team are inviting over gambits. Use that to your advantage. Heck, if the odds are enticing enough, throwing down a modest amount on the over even if they’re projected to win nine games isn’t a bad idea, either.

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