You could say that the New York Jets have been an all-or-nothing team in their two seasons under head coach Todd Bowles. Over the course of those two years – a 10-6 campaign in 2015 in which a loss in their final regular-season game cost the Jets a playoff berth, and a dismal 5-11 showing last season – the Jets have won by more than a touchdown eight times and lost by more than a TD on eight occasions. That’s quite the discrepancy of inconsistency when you are considering a wager on a team. [+]

As if often the case with the Jets, when prosperity is within their reach, they find a way to let it escape their clutches. So what should we expect from the Jets in 2017? The same thing we should expect from the Jets every season – the unexpected.

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NFL - Regular Season Week 12
Friday, Nov 24, 202303:00 PM
Miami Dolphins@New York Jets
NFL - Regular Season Week 13
Sunday, Dec 03, 202301:00 PM
Atlanta Falcons@New York Jets
NFL - Regular Season Week 14
Sunday, Dec 10, 202301:00 PM
Houston Texans@New York Jets
Last update on Dec 2, 2023 03:45 AM

New York Jets Regular Season Schedule

Here is the New York Jets regular season schedule and following a disappointing 5-11 season, the reward for the Jets is a rugged slate for a 2017 season that includes nine games against playoff teams from 2016.



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What Are The New York Jets Standings

These are the current New York Jets standings in the AFC East and to say the Jets are an intriguing bunch is an understatement of the highest order.


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How To Win New York Jets Bets

The Jets, who haven't won an AFC East title since 2002, will have their work cut out for them to change that status. The Jets dumped several veterans following their dismal 2016 campaign, including two of three quarterbacks who took snaps during the season. Veteran Josh McCown was signed and talk about a journeyman, the Jets will be McCown's 12th team in 13 seasons.

The Jets look to be entering a full rebuild. In other words, it could be a long year.

If you were seeking a theme song to describe the Jets since their victory in Super Bowl III, it could be long time coming. If you wanted to pen a melody about the occasions the Jets have nearly made it back to the promised land, close but no cigar would be the best fit.

After their 1969 Super Bowl triumph, the Jets qualified for the playoffs just once in the next 12 years. They didn't win a postseason game again until 1982, rolling all the way to the AFC Championship Game that season before falling 14-0 to the Miami Dolphins

It was the beginning of a trend for the Jets. On the rare times when they reached the precipice of a return to the Super Bowl, they've always come up short. They'd wait until 2009 for a return trip to the AFC Championship Game but were felled 30-17 by the Indianapolis Colts, curiously the same franchise the Jets defeated for the only Super Bowl triumph.

They made it right back to the AFC Championship Game in 2010, but it wasn't a case of third-time lucky. The Jets lost 24-19 to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Only six NFL teams have played in a solitary Super Bowl. Of those six, just three have won their lone shot at the Super Bowl - the New Jets, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New Orleans Saints. Of those victories, without a doubt, the win by the Jets was the most significant. It still can be called perhaps the most significant Super Bowl win in the history of the big game.

When the Jets arrived in Miami for Super Bowl III, they were 18-point underdogs to the mighty 15-1 NFL champion Baltimore Colts. The two previous AFL Super Bowl representatives - the Kansas City Chiefs (35-10) and Oakland Raiders (33-14) - had both been whipped by the Green Bay Packers.

Brash Jets quarterback Joe Namath boldly guaranteed a victory and then delivered on his vow in a 16-7 stunner. It wasn't a spectacularly-played game but it was a spectacular moment for the NFL, making the AFL legitimate and making the 1970 AFL-NFL merger more palatable to old-school NFL fans who'd previously looked at the AFL as an inferior product.