The Los Angeles Angels suit up arguably baseball’s best all-around player in outfielder Mike Trout, and . . . did we mention that the Angels have Mike Trout? The main jackhammer the team has in its arsenal is Trout. Regarded as one of the best young players in the history of the game, the four-time All-Star is the key to the Angels’ success. He’s a cinch to be in the midst of the American League MVP argument every season. Get beyond Trout and when it comes to this team, you are fishing for compliments. [+]

This is a lineup riddled with question marks and players looking to rebound from subpar or injury-plagued seasons. If it all falls into place, the Angels could be a Wild Card contender. But if it all falls apart, the message for the rest of the AL West is look out below.

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One area where the Angels should be improved is in team defense. One of the worst fielding teams in baseball in 2016, the Angels moved to shore up its defense with the additions of Cameron Maybin, Luis Valbuena, and Danny Espinosa.


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Equipped with a questionable starting rotation and a suspect bullpen, it’s a good bet that the Angels will be involved in many high-scoring games.

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The Angels struggled with intra-divisional play in 2016. Of their 88 losses, 41 came at the hands of AL West opposition.

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In Orange County, they count on death, taxes and Trout. And not necessarily in that order. He's certainly the man that baseball people will go to WAR with.

Trout's WAR - wins above replacement numbers - are epic. The two-time AL MVP has twice posted a single-season WAR above 10.5, something only five other position players have done in MLB history.

That quintet in this elite category with Trout includes Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Rogers Hornsby and Barry Bonds.

Yeah, that's pretty good company to keep.

Pujols Still Has The Power

The retirement of David Ortiz from the Boston Red Sox following the 2016 season left Albert Pujols of the Angels as the dean of AL designated hitters.

While Pujols is no longer is the .300 hitter who played in three World Series for the St. Louis Cardinals, he can still drive the ball. Pujols has averaged 33 home runs and 106 RBI over the past three season.

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