Even though they were the first California-based team to win the Stanley Cup, the Anaheim Ducks still seem to play second fiddle to their crosstown rivals, the two-time Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings. That could soon change. With a deep, talented roster, the Ducks have been perched on the cusp of repeating their 2006-07 Cup win for a few years now and as they gain experience each spring through playoff heartbreak, that moment appears to grow closer. [+]

The Ducks are deep at all positions – in goal, on defense and especially at forward. They have the skill to finish plays and the physical presence to finish off the opposition. 

Anaheim Ducks Next Game

A team is only as good as its next game and in the ultra-competitive Pacific Division, every game is a fight to the finish. The Ducks can beat you in a number of ways. [+]

They are fast afoot and deep in finishers capable of putting the puck in the net. They have the size to wear an opponent down physically over the course of the night. Anaheim’s defense can skate and handle and move the puck effectively and they can also take care of buisness in their own end.

The Ducks goaltending is capable of stealing games. A visiting team that finds a way to come out of the Honda Center with a victory has earned the two points.

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Anaheim Ducks Regular Season Schedule

Like all West Coast teams, the Anaheim Ducks’ regular season schedule will involve significant travel and several peaks and valleys. [+]

It’s not uncommon for the Ducks to embark on a six or seven game road trip and these extensive trips have a tendency of leaving them worn down and tired out, and thus a team that might lose against an inferior opponent. On the flip side of that coin, look for teams coming into the Honda Center to face the Ducks at the tail end of a long road trip who could be cannon fodder for Anaheim.

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Anaheim Ducks Standings

You will usually find the Anaheim Ducks at or near the top of the standings in both the Pacific Division and the Western Conference. Regardless, you should be checking the standings on a daily basis to determine not only how the Ducks are faring and where they are located in the overall picture, but also to see where there next opponent is situated. [+]

The standings are a wealth of easily accessible data and the informed bettor will know them better than the back of their hand. Trends are revealed and the numbers in each column all tell a story that is definitely worth knowing.

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Anaheim Ducks Betting Tips 

Born from a 1990s Disney movie about a children's hockey team, and originally known as the Mighty Ducks, this team was a bit of a laughingstock in the franchise's early years, so much so that original Duck Stu Grimson launched a campaign to convince people to refer to them as the Muscular Waterfowl.

The mighty part of the team's nickname was dropped when Disney sold the Ducks, and curiously it was after this that the team actually became a mighty force. The Ducks have been a consistently strong NHL franchise for the past decade. 

The big question is whether the Ducks will get over the line and win a Stanley Cup. The Ducks are, historically, a great team on home ice. They usually win more than 60 per cent of games played at home, so feel free to back them without hesitation when they play at the Honda Center.

Ryan Getzlaf and Cory Perry have a few great years left, so it's pretty much now or not for a long time for Anaheim. They rely so heavily on their star tandem that it's going to prove difficult for the team from Anaheim to win the cup withouth those two stars at their disposal. 

Corsi Ratings

Which brings us to a key stat you'll want to delve into before making your Ducks bets, the Corsi Ratings. How does Perry perform without Getzlaf and vice versa. It could be a key indicator and it might make all the difference as to whethter you back the Ducks or not. Then again, these two superstars rarely get injured but it's still a stat to keep in mind for other NHL bets.

There's no easy game for the Ducks, especially after the NHL realigned the divisions. The Pacific Division will soon become one of the NHL's best, as its chockfull of youth, talent and potential. The San Jose Sharks are perennial contenders, while the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers have the motivation and talent to start challenging at the top very soon. So make sure you do your homework before investing blindly in the Ducks.